‘Tis the Season?

The title of this post may color the way you see what I am about to show you. Try to imagine this outfit in November or February.

I may have gone overboard on Marissa Webb in November. I bought a black vest, an unknowable jacket, and this fatigue green vest that I have been admiring for two years. (I think it’s been two years. She has shown this trench vest or one very like it for the last two years.)
The two vests are investment pieces, sort of. I can imagine wearing them for years and years. They’re beautifully made, flattering, and not particularly trendy. I’ll be able to wear them year-round — with white jeans in the summer, with black pants in the winter, with turtlenecks, blouses, or tee shirts underneath.
Waiting two years is a display of restraint, isn’t it?

Restraint should be rewarded, shouldn’t it?
Have we talked about fatigue green and red as a combination?
As every child learns, green and red are complementary colors.
But that’s a theoretical principle. On one’s person, the relevant questions are: Which green, which red, and how much of each?
I like a cherry red or scarlet with fatigue green. I would be hesitant to pair maroon or crimson with this green* — but I throw that question out to the room. What do you think?

The most important lesson here, however, is at the bottom of the frame. What shoes do you wear when you’ve combined red, green, and ivory? And a floral pattern? I considered red (too much of a muchness), black, the Dainty Sianos and then I realized there is one clear answer in a situation like this: LeOpARd! Leopard, of course.**
It’s quite simple: Chaos + Chaos = Order.
Come a little closer to take in the vest’s details. Also, please note that I finally asked Fatima to remove the wing collar on this blouse and make it into a Mandarin collar. She and I agreed: Very elegant.
front 3/4
Very elegant, indeed

This blouse is so pretty -- the blooms fall in graceful sprays
This blouse is so pretty — the blooms fall in graceful sprays

Let’s have a moment of appreciation for the tree!
The Robot
The Robot
An American Christmas Tradition
An American Christmas Tradition
The Enterprise
A ship from Starfleet
And from the staff of Directrice Global Industries Ltd.
The staff of The Directrice Global Industries Ltd.
Taking out the ornaments is such a treat every year. I always forget how fun they are.
The Galleon
The Galleon (far right — click to enlarge)

The Cowboy
The Cowboy
The Flying Drum
The Flying Drum
I invited Mr. Orange to be in a photo, but he was not interested
Mr. Orange looks put-upon; I’m sure I don’t know why

Vest: Marissa Webb; Blouse: JCrew; Pants: Talbots; Shoes: Cole Haan
* I would wear a celadon green with crimson.
** Never forget: Leopard print shoes are surprisingly useful.

16 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season?”

  1. I recently acquired a fatigue green dress and have been so happy with it – the colour looks nice on, plays well with virtually everything I’ve worn with it including tough matches like orange, cobalt blue and millennial pink, and the aggressively boxy shape seems way cool to me (husband thinks it is a tent though).

    Has a 3rd kitty joined your household ?

  2. Totally agree re: red and green color pairings. A dark red with dark green just gets gloomy and muddy looking, and bright + bright is overwhelming. Along with the color of that blouse (which I ordered for myself but sadly had to return as that particular scarlet is far better on your coloring than mine) I’m partial to hot pink with fatigue green, too.

    Do you have any metallic flats? Or navy?

    • I do! I have a pair of silver brogues from Cole Haan that I think would look very good — but I hadn’t thought of it until your suggestion. Thank you!

  3. fully agreed on leopard print shoes – incredibly versatile and can add some excitement to an otherwise plain outfit.

    also – is this a new cat?!?!

    • Because I am sometimes very dense, I read your question in reference to the “Cat” commenting above and thought, “No, that’s our Cat who comments pretty regularly.”

      Yes, a third kitty has entered the scene!

  4. Yes, we have a new cat! A coworker of The Directrice’s had to give him up because his wife was allergic to him. So we took him in. His real name is Simba, but we’ve nicknamed him Mr. Orange. He’s about six years old and has an actual online pedigree of Siberian cats going back six or seven generations. He was born to a breeder in Germany and shipped here (which he must have hated) to be a professional sire (he hasn’t told us how he feels about that.) Harper and Posy tolerate him. He’s shy, but he likes to sit in laps, head-bumps my hand gratefully when I feed him, and sleeps against my legs at night. So he’s a fine addition to our little family.

  5. What a great article of clothing! I like the almost bustle and the security of it – the harness/vest-ness that would help me feel really DRESSED! I think this would be great with a skirt, blouse and a little fitted jacket for work. This, or something like it, has now made my Christmas list. Happy Holidays Directrice and Photographer!

  6. I’m just gonna put in a word for burgundy and deep crimson.

    And I like the idea of metallic shoes. Or of boots with pants tucked in.

    Thanks to your influence, Directrice, I took two tops and a dress to a seamstress and asked her to shorten them at the tops of the shoulders, so they would hang better at my waist. I felt very couture.

  7. I had no idea that a regular blouse could be converted to a Mandarin collar! Thank you for sharing some of your lovely ornaments, I especially like the robot. And a big welcome to Mr Orange, he is very handsome and sumptuous cat.


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