Mother Ginger

In the spring and summer, we call this blouse “The Big Tent” — but as we head into December, “Mother Ginger” seems more seasonally appropriate.

The Photographer is not a fan of this blouse, but he just doesn’t understand.
I love it. And I must say that I am loving it even more with this cropped top layered over it. So clever!
Buckle up: The Big Tent is back

The Photographer labeled these photos “Scary Blouse?!?”
Why do I love this blouse?
I like its contrasts: the masculine pinstripe fabricated in an ultra-feminine New Look sweep. And it’s absurd yet flattering.

Feel the fear, Photographer
We’re doing this
whether Washington D.C. is ready or not

And we’re wearing our hideo-marvelous loafers, too
If you think you’re scared now
wait until you see my new sunglasses

Have a fantastic weekend!
Allegedly scary blouse: Palmer Harding; Crop Top: Theory; Pants: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Grenson; Bag: Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag; New sunglasses: Illesteva Hamilton Sunglasses (currently on final sale)
Allow the fear to wash over you

10 thoughts on “Mother Ginger”

    • Mother Ginger drew no reaction from her fellow Metro riders. I was wearing a knee-length coat over the ensemble, which was selected as a concession to safety. The coat keeps the blouse/dress locked down in crowded environments where there are sliding doors, escalators, and bicycles!


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