Who Wore It Better: Directrice-Style

This is a micro-post — to get you through the weekend to Monday’s post, which will be a full-length publication. I sensed you might need a little boost.
In the excitement of SpaceX’s recent launch, The Photographer put these two photos in front of me, side-by-side and asked, “Who wore it better?”

The Directrice: I think we both look great!
Starship: Who is that eccentric bag lady?+

I didn’t know that my intellectual husband even knew “Who Wore It Better?” was a thing. I honestly don’t know if he’s ever read an issue of People magazine.
In this particular contest, I’ll let you decide. You the jury!
If you haven’t read the entry where this top was originally featured, here is a link. It’s one of my better posts,* and it includes links to some of my strangest most delightful offerings. Enjoy!
+ Occasionally, I see news of myself on other blogs. Once, I saw that someone called me an eccentric bag lady. That seemed a little harsh to me. Also: I think the phrase “bag lady” has gone the way of “hobo.”
* This post gets periodic comments, two years after it was first published. This suggests to me that there are a lot of women out there looking for To-Sew kits on the Internet.

10 thoughts on “Who Wore It Better: Directrice-Style”

  1. It’s a tie!!! I like both. I have followed rockets and spaceships for a long time, probably showing my age, lol.
    I do like your brooch and went over to the original posting to obtain more information. I see it has tiny lightbulbs, cute! Did you make it or buy it where? It looks great on the top.

    • I bought the brooch at the Washington Craft Fair many year ago. But the artist, Karen Gilbert, is still making jewelry and sells it through several small galleries around the country and her own gallery in Northern California. I’ll find the name for you.

    • I am sorry if you felt misled by the homepage photo, EL! That was a close-up of my beloved Harper (2001-2018), whose magnetism could draw anyone in. And yes, Harper always wore it better!

  2. I see what you did there – rocket / boost! And yes, just the tonic I needed. I love your style and creativity – thank you!

  3. I think The Photographer might be pretending to know less about fashion than he really does; did he at any point use the word “silhouette”? Given that the answer to the question is so clear, perhaps the question was actually meant to reinforce the deception he’s been perpetuating this whole time!

  4. I’m coming to this post belatedly after a particularly hellish (personally & nationally) couple of weeks. It made me laugh. Thank you.


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