The Directrice Wins A Contest

I was going to post a contest for all of you . . . to come up with ways that I could wear an orphan jacket that has been sitting in my closet for years. But I decided to apply myself and solve this problem of my own making.

Behold my charming but somewhat pointless Vera Wang Lavender Label Cropped Short-Sleeved Trench in Chartreuse Corded Silk.
I think this jacket is the first thing I ever bought on Gilt.
"Ta-da," she said weakly
“Ta-da,” she said weakly, “I win”

Problem Solver
I solved the problem and therefore won the contest,
but I also wrote the rules and was the only entrant
When I bought this jacket, I pictured it with a black sheath, but I don’t think I’ve actually worn it thusly.
My faith in closet formulae has been rewarded again. In the summer: white pants + striped tee shirt + colorful jacket = unimpeachably dressed.

I would, however, like to hear how you would wear this jacket. Please post your ideas!
Nevertheless, I welcome your input
I welcome your praise and your input

Whenever I take this jacket out of the closet (to not wear it), I am reminded of why I love it. Let’s use Directrice 360™ to appreciate its cunning shape and volume. It’s so interesting.
From the front, you might say, It’s ok, but perhaps a little shapeless
Good Side
And then as I turn to my Good Side, you are probably exclaiming, Mon dieu, The Directrice is made of triangles! I had not realized

From the back, I look like an excavating machine with two claws, or perhaps a pair of conjoined Pac-Men
Bad Side
And now, looking at my Bad Side, you are probably thinking, That’s why she always looks to the right

A few details:
Giant snaps, so hard for me to resist . . .  even though they cannot be seen
Giant snaps, so hard for me to resist . . . even though they generally are not seen

Let's zoom in, the better too appreciate their alluring qualities: look like hubcaps, make satisfying popping sound when snapped and unsnapped
Let’s zoom in, the better too consider their alluring qualities: look like hubcaps, are stitched prettily in place, make satisfying popping sound when snapped and unsnapped

The pockets visually echo the bias cut of the jacket.
Pockets swoosh rather than slash
Pockets swoon rather than slash

Draping belt with literally no purpose other than adding a little dimension to the back
Draping belt with no purpose other than adding a little extra dimension to the back
Perhaps you are not convinced that the cut of this jacket warrants a spot in my closet. You forget that it is my favorite color: Weirdy Green.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Jacket: Vera Wang Lavender Label; Tee shirt: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Sandals: Donald J. Pliner; Bag: Orla Kiely; Watch: Michele

19 thoughts on “The Directrice Wins A Contest”

  1. I love chartreuse! Looks cute as is, but I think your previous plan to wear the jacket with a black sheath dress is an excellent idea. Also, slim gray or black pants with heels.

    • I have redeemed myself with chartreuse! I was thinking about the black dress from my Most Uncasual Friday suit (old post). It’s a slim fitting dress.

  2. I love the shape, and would prefer to see it balanced against a sleek silhouette. I think that yellow would look fantastic over a navy or gray or b/w houndstooth sheath.

  3. Jacket looks like a warm yellow on my screen, no green at all. But I’ll play !

    1. I like Susan’s idea of black trousers but would prefer ankle-length trousers and black ballet flats
    2. Cropped blue jeans or a denim skirt, white T-shirt, plus tan flats
    3. Same colour combination as 2. re-worked for spring weather with a blue long-sleeved T, perhaps in wool, with regular-length jeans, plus tan loafers
    4. A long straight dress, perhaps like the Max Mara from a couple of weeks ago ?
    5. A seafoam ball gown with a snug bodice and a massive tulle skirt plus big Tahitian pearls, on a spring night with a slight risk of rain (but of course you will be alighting from a car under an awning). Because seriously what else is a short-sleeved silk jacket with vaguely trench-coat details supposed to be for ??

    • MC Bontemps — I am truly amazed that you were thinking so clearly at 8:02 in the morning . . . unless you are in Europe, in which case it might have been afternoon. So many wonderful ideas, so completely thought through. So deserving of a Directrice mug! (If you would like one, send me an email c/o Harper — see below.) The seafoam ball gown with Tahitian pearls is such a beautiful vision that it is actually making me feel a little mournful as it is unlikely to be realized by me. But perhaps another reader with a more glamorous life will do so! I am capable of executing the others, with things I already have.

    • Nicky — I think the weirdy green needs the challenge of an unexpected color pairing like your brown tweed skirt! I like it.

  4. I like the suggestions of other shapes to also try. May I suggest a few additional color combinations to consider? Charcoal and chartreuse. Light blue and chartreuse. Cream and chartreuse. And any of those with an accent of tomato red. Additionally, olive/army green with chartreuse and an accent of pale pink.

    Here’s hoping!

    • I like these color combinations, too, Erin — see notes above to Nicky and MC Bontemps. Grey, black, and white were my initial ideas but I think slightly more surprising (even jarring) combinations may be the way to go. Maybe even a lilac?

  5. Oh, Directrice! Congratulations on winning your contest! I love so many of the suggestions—–but seeing you modeling a ballgown would be outstanding. And: your writing always makes my day.

  6. The jacket is very interesting. It appears to be yellow on my screen. I think it would look good with long skirts or pants in black.

  7. I also love the shape of that jacket which you can wear so well. Either black or navy dress or pants with a 1940’s vibe. The interesting shape should compliment trousers with volume or a longish skirt. Do have fun with it and keep it for special events.

  8. I’m here to show appreciation for the excellent captions on the Directrice 360TM pictures. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  9. Given that the jacket is short sleeved I’m going to say it’s a Spring/Summer/Fall item. I’d go with lavender, white and then dark purple across the seasons.
    It might be something to put over a slip dress, a narrow belt to peek out from under the hem of the jacket. Since the hem has a bell shape I’d always be sure to have a defined waist under it, so as to avoid looking bell-shaped.

  10. I suggest something fitted through waist and hips, but with volume again further down; dress, skirt (with a yoke, or panelled/gored), high-wasted sailor-shape trousers. And definitely pair with more colour as well, on separate occasions from those when you pair with neutrals. How about cerise? Any colour at all from the entire spectrum of pure blue to green, through all the turquoise and teal shades. And purples as well, agreeing with above comment.


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