Another Edition of These Old Things

I know I say this at least twice a year, possibly more, but it’s very important to go through your closet when the season changes.

You should try on everything: to see if it still fits and is flattering, to determine whether you still like it, and to make sure that it is in good repair.
Sometimes I am surprised to find that something I like is no longer flattering or that something I never paid much attention to is actually kind of great.
Hello, You!

I misjudged you, little dress
I had this boucle dress (purchased April 2016) slotted for possible give-away and replacement in 2019.
But then I tried it on and realized that I had forgotten it’s kind of terrific.
This simple dress wasn’t expensive, but is very charming. It’s also slightly more complicated than it might seem at first glance. Note the yoke, acute cap sleeves, and curved shirt-tail hem. Small but very nice details.
I also realized that this subtle boucle (black and white that reads grey) is an excellent backdrop for an eye-catching accessory.

After pairing the dress with this — for good or ill — stunning belt, I wondered if it still needed a little something more.
But what?
It did need a little something more

A miracle!
Here is a mystery:
How is it that my fake diamond brooch is serenely blending into my ensemble like a chameleon?
And at the same time providing a little texture and light at the neckline, balancing the shine of patent leather at my waist and feet?

It works!
A little something more when something more is needed: The Dowager

For those who haven’t seen it before, you may want to come a little closer to take a look at the details of this distinctive belt, previously seen here, here, and here.
Start Me Up

Dress: JCrew; Belt: Maison Margiela 11; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Coach; Watch: Michele

10 thoughts on “Another Edition of These Old Things”

  1. The Directrice has inspired me to make several sartorial changes: layering, weirdy green, a yellow bag, etc. But the one thing I have tried and tried and simply cannot do is wear jewelry (beyond stud earrings and a bracelet). The “into the jewelry box” post moved me to wear necklaces but after several weeks I gave up. The “dowager” pin is charming with this dress, and not at all overpowering. When I try to wear something similar, I feel as if I am 10 all over again and playing with my grandmother’s 50s and 60s costume jewelry. In short, I feel as if I’m trying to impersonate a grownup. But the Directrice looks so charming and lovely in her boucle dress, red belt and pin.

    • I fully sympathize, Rhizophora. Remember that I could not wear necklaces for years for fear that I looked like a female impersonator when I did so. The only advice I will offer is: As you admire necklaces on other people, other people will admire necklaces on you. But, in the scheme of life, wearing jewelry doesn’t matter . . . far better that you put your energy into finding a yellow bag!

  2. I love this outfit Directrice. I love your description of everything you’re wearing also. The acute sleeves! And the nicely contrasting curved hemline. It’s a really pretty dress which more importantly for your purposes and our enjoyment of your blog is a backdrop for the great and unusual accessories. I really admire the plasticky outrageous red belt with the dowager brooch. You look so wonderful! I wish everyone put as much thought into their attire. I’d have such thrilling days.

  3. I think your brooch fits into that sweet category of things that enhance a dress that you wouldn’t necessary think about. I have a drawer full of gaudy brooches from a departed Auntie and I need to start putting them onto dresses that that they won’t stand out on as much as fade into, and be a personal detail.

    It is good to go through your closet. I had a week where I spent every morning wondering what to wear, so I made some time over the weekend to construct 5 outfits, and I turned up several things that magically went with other things. I don’ t buy things that I don’t like, so if it’s in my closet it deserves some effort on my part to find it’s best friend.

    • I love the image of Closet Matchmaker, uniting soul-mates! The idea of combining closet cleaning with outfit construction is a good one — it saves so much time during the work week. If you are like me and can’t always remember your good ideas, take a photo. You don’t even have to be wearing the outfits; just a snap of them together on the bed will jog your memory later. One more thought: I think wearing more than one brooch at a time — a pair or cluster — is cool, too. I haven’t done this, but have seen it in magazines.

    • The high-volume shape? I haven’t worn it under a coat or with a seatbelt, so I am not sure if that would be uncomfortable — but I am fine sitting at my desk!


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