Such A Lady Goes to Court

I had to go to court last week, Directorate, for the first time since 2019.+  I have appeared at hearings on Zoom, but no in-person appearances since before the pandemic. That seems hard to believe, but I think I am right.

No one could have been more surprised than I was when I couldn’t find a thing to wear.

I haven’t exercised those muscles (suit-wearing muscles) for awhile.

And, I don’t fit into all of my pre-pandemic pants. The pants that you said were too loose? Some of them are now tight.

Fortunately, my physics-defying closet still offered some possibilities.

Not a suit; not even a working life-vest

Less like a suit
Most suit-like, but still not a suit

Think, Directrice, think! I said to myself. Check your blog for ideas.

Eureka! So many ideas on this blog, many of which are tailor-made for me.

Since this appearance was not for a case, but simply to move for the admission of one of my colleagues, I decided that separates would be appropriate.

And since the weather was springy and warm, I decided to wear a light-colored, lightweight jacket with tropical weight wool trousers: cream and black.



Remember that the simplest, no-fail combination is a jacket + shell/blouse/sweater in one color with a pair of darker, neutral pants.

Here, the formula is realized with a cream silk shell (a very old Ann Taylor top!) and a linen blend jacket in ivory plus light black pants.

I did it!

Yes, I did

This jacket is 10+ years old; the style is timeless, even if the silhouette does go in and out of vogue.

The hourglass shape is back in this year. You could find something sort of similar here (practical), here (charming), here,(someone a little taller than me) and here (OK: this one is purely aspirational).

Is it wrong to say that I think the jacket looks better with a few extra pounds? Judge for yourself!

The oversized pockets make the jacket: pleated at the top and gusseted at the bottom. So femme!

Emphatic POCK-ets

Adding to the shape are a pleated peplum, defined with a half-belt.

You can sort of see the pleats and the belt, no?

Knowing that I’d need to be up and out early to take the Metro to Union Station, Amtrak to Baltimore, and then hot-foot it from Penn Station Baltimore to the U.S.D.C. on West Lombard, I made sure that everything fit and was in good repair the night before. It occurred to me that a necklace might finish the look.

Remember: I wasn’t there to present argument.

An interesting necklace

Look how beautifully this necklace, purchased for me by The Photographer himself, fits the neckline of my top. Elegant!

Elegant, but interesting

The Photographer found this necklace at the wonderful Ombre Gallery in Cincinnati, where he knew I had previously purchased some pieces.

Agate and labradorite; looks good enough to eat

The Photographer does not give himself credit for “finding” this because he was helped by the gallery staff. But I tell him not to be so hard on himself. He described me to the gallery staff, they picked a small selection of things, he picked from the selection. That’s finding!

Totally unrelated to the foregoing, if you haven’t seen Nimble’s amazing Agility Run at the Westminster Dog Show, it might do your heart some good. The best part may be her leap into her trainer’s arms at the end.

+ I forgot: I darkened the door of the U.S.D.C. for the Eastern District of Michigan in March 2022. Everyone shouted through masks.

Jacket: Nanette Lepore; Shell and pants: Ann Taylor (very, very old); Shoes: JCrew Quinn Square-toe Ballet Flats

Spectacular necklace found by The Photographer: Karen Gilbert

7 thoughts on “Such A Lady Goes to Court”

  1. That is indeed a perfect combination. And I appreciate you providing links for us so we can check out current options. I particularly love the one by MAJE and the Rag’n’Bone. I might have to buy both. Thank you so much!!

  2. I have to add, maybe the Maje jacket appeals to me because I consigned one on The RealReal just this week as it is now too small. I remember buying that jacket in New York City at the Maje store pre-pandemic and it was hard to part with it. So I appreciate you sharing with us at some of your things are not fitting anymore. Somehow it feels better knowing we’re all in it together. And it was neat to see you offer replacement option just as I needed it. Thank you!

  3. You look great! I like the jacket now and back in 2015. The necklace IS perfect. I’m sure your colleague appreciated you appearing for their admission.

  4. I laughed out loud at “So many ideas on this blog, many of which are tailor-made for me.”

    The Directrice has published 694 entries since its inception in 2015. I’ve uploaded 8,528 photos out of roughly 40,000 taken. That’s quite a body of work. I’ll have to remind Tory to call for a celebration at entry 700.

  5. The blazer is classic, the color combination winning, and the necklace is the star! I love that you keep your clothing so well and take care of each piece like good friends.


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