The Directrice Steps Out

It’s been such a busy summer. A worky summer.

I haven’t gotten out nearly enough.
But last weekend we were invited to have dinner with friends.
That’s an excellent reason to put on a party dress!
The Directrice steps out!

In this test shot, The Directrice appears to be . . . Lady Justice? Not sure what I am doing
Ordinarily, I wouldn’t get quite this dressed up for dinner with friends — but these friends are both very sophisticated and very kind, so I figured it was a no-risk proposition. Either they would be dressed up themselves* or they would act as though a party dress were totally appropriate even if it were not.

I’ve had this dress for a while, but haven’t worn it. It’s summer-weight and my summers seem to be even less glamorous than my winters.
Perhaps I need to make my own glamour?

The fabric is a silk georgette with a fine rib to it.
The color is a perfect raspberry, except, as you are about to see, the back of the bodice is made of a broadcloth in a slightly lighter and brighter shade.
So ingenious!
You want me to turn?

Should I come a little closer?
And turning?

I can’t describe the construction of this dress. I just don’t have the words. I will, however, highlight the fact that this dressy dress has pockets. Love of my life.
Now I am putting a little distance between you and us (the pockets and me)
But I am showing you the side you never see; it’s really there

And now, you see me out in D.C.
In a perfect world, I would be carrying that acrylic box clutch with the glitter suspended in its interior . . . but I don’t own it yet. Someday.
The Directrice stepped out

Dress: Carven; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Furla; Jewelry: not pictured, but I did remember to put on some bracelets
* They looked sophisticated — she was very elegantly dressed in an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit and strappy sandals, he was smart casual in a dark blue — and they were sublime hosts. I ate too much, but I could not help myself and by the end of the evening the dress was a very tight fit.
Anxious Mouse steps out!

12 thoughts on “The Directrice Steps Out”

  1. Dear Directrice, You look lovely in this colour and the dress and the dress is great! Do you think the pockets make the dress have a secret casual vibe? Secret as in only you might know about the pockets, but imagine then standing at a cafe in the morning to buy a coffee on the way to work, and reaching in and pulling the money for your coffee out of the pockets! That would be fun. The broadcloth back panel also lends the dress a casual feel/option. It’s a lovely dress. My favourite of your dresses remains your black cotton Moschino summer one. I tried very hard to find one on Yoox, without any success.

  2. That look was truly beautiful on you with a color we aren’t accustomed to seeing. I hope you choose that color again. The bodice had a feminine design with fabric that allowed the pretty front view to be realized. Your hair was a knockout too. Had to be fun!

  3. As two of the friends with whom the Directrice and Photographer dined, we can attest to the elegance of the dress, the ingenuity of the design, the richness of the color, and the brio with which the Directrice made it her own! And as a previous commenter noted, by some fashion alchemy it manages to appear formal (the sculptural pleating of the bodice) yet informal (the unexpected back, the pockets) — classic and timeless, yet also of-the-moment. It was the hit of the party, as were the accomplished wearer and her equally talented beau. It was a delight to have them step out with us, and always a delight to read this blog!


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