Casual Friday: Kind of Blue

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Blue is really not my color, but I find this particular shade of blue (which falls between sky blue and robin’s egg blue) irresistible. Thusly, I buy a light blue sweater every few years, conclude that it doesn’t look that good on me, and give it away.

Here I am wearing a new blue sweater in 2015. Undaunted courage!
I do love this type of sweater: ultra-lightweight cashmere, ribbed. A sweater of this weight is perfect for layering in cooler weather, and can be worn alone in warmer weather.
This time, it's different
This time, it’s different

We can agree, can't we, that this is an appealing color
We can agree, can’t we, that this is an appealing color
It’s the color of a perfect summer sky. This shade has a yellow undertone, which keeps it from being too sweet. It’s not a baby blue.
With blue and white, a little black cuts the sweetness
Black is a nice foil for the pale blue and white

The best part of this outfit, though, is the shoes.

Ephemeral espadrilles; I love you even though are time may be short
Ephemeral espadrilles: I love you even though our time together may be short; perhaps I love you because our time together may be short

Have a fantastic weekend!
If I can't be a role model, I shall serve as a cautionary tale
If I can’t be a a good example, then I’ll just have to be a horrible warning

Sweater: JCrew Featherweight Three-quarter Sleeve Ribbed Tee; Pants: Ann Taylor; Espadrilles: Rebecca Minkoff; Bag: Coach; Watch: Michele CSX

7 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Kind of Blue”

  1. That color looks good on you. I think blue is a universally flattering color, you just need to find the right shade. ( I have worked in retail for years, part of them as a buyer, and if things are offered in several colors, blue usually sells first.) I’m a “Winter”, with salt and pepper hair that used to be dark brown almost black, and seldom wore blue but now it’s my favorite. Navy is less harsh than black but serves the same purpose and I love periwinkle or grayed blues on me now.

    • You are absolutely right, Julia — a lively navy is universal: everyone looks good in it, regardless of their coloring, and it is softer than black.

  2. Those shoes are wicked adorable. It’s the laces. And love the blue. (Some studies have found that women wearing blue look smart, while those wearing red look sexy hot. Perhaps that pensive look in the photos would take on a different connotation with another top . . . )

  3. I bet the darker blues look better against your face…but that doesn’t mean I’d get rid of this beautiful sweater…just wear a dark blue scarf with it, or different colored collared blouse under it, or different colored jacket over it (possibilities are multied). And the shoes? LOVE! jodie


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