The Directrice Re-Presents: An Arresting White Blouse

You may remember that a significant portion of Q1 2016 was devoted to the search for a white statement blouse, which led, ultimately, to the purchase of three statement blouses. Follow these links if you need to re-fresh your memory: Ghost; Pirate; Flounce.

For those of you who wondered how the most arresting of the statement blouses would fit into my daily life, wonder no longer! Here it is with my favorite jeans, my favorite black flats (which actually have a tiny wedge sole), and my favorite new sweater from Eileen Fisher.
full length front
Statement blouse, fully integrated

Side view, a little pregnant
Does she mean favorite sweater, or favorite Eileen Fisher sweater?
This blouse has a tidy collar, smart cuffs, and a sweeping back. The front and back are joined at the hem by white jersey gussets. It’s all quite dramatic, but nevertheless looks casual and cozy here.

From behind, the drama is most apparent. Perhaps I look like an apparition as I walk down the halls of my office. An apparition that likes to bundle up.
Note: The three vertical black stripes on the yoke — a Y-3 motif — are visible just above the neckline of the sweater.
back view -- the drama
Do I look like a sweater-wearing ghost?

I am a big fan of Eileen Fisher. I don’t love everything in the store, but the things that I do love, I love without reservation. Like this sweater, which I bought for myself and my mother for Christmas.
Things to love: dark flecks in the yarn, center seam, short length. And there is one more thing that you cannot see and will have to rely on me to convey: Soft as a cloud.
white blouse under fleck
Sweater has inspired unqualified love

When I bought this blouse, I imagined that these smart cuffs would require particular attention in laundering — i.e., ironing — but that isn’t actually so. They look pretty good after laundering the blouse in hot water and hanging it to dry.
great cuffs -- don't even need to press
Note: In this photo, my dining room looks a hideous, garish shade of yellow, but it is not! That’s a cruel trick of artificial light and the flash camera. Dining room is a beautiful buttery yellow-gold — Benjamin Moore Golden Groves

Objectively, I like the color of this sweater, but I think it would make me look sallow if worn without anything underneath. You may ask, Why, Directrice, would you buy a sweater that you think would make you look sallow?
A fair question! But I have a good answer: A white blouse provides a little contrast with the sweater and is just the thing to keep my complexion looking healthy.
Endless love

full length front -- with harper
Harper visits the studio — I mean, living room
Do you see who has wandered into the frame?
It’s Harper, house-cat and companion animal par excellence.

She walked out of the frame and then looped back around me . . .
She walked past me and then looped back around . . .
which seemed a clear signal, to me, that she desperately wanted to be picked up, even though she was scrambling to get away from me . . .
which seemed a clear signal that she desperately wanted to be picked up and photographed . . .
See? Look at how delighted she is!
See? Look at how delighted she is!

Have a fantastic weekend! I’ve been thinking about my New Year’s Resolution . . .
Sweater: Eileen Fisher Peppered Wool Box Top; Blouse: Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto; Jeans: Lucky Brand; Shoes: Lazio Collezione; Bag: Coach

11 thoughts on “The Directrice Re-Presents: An Arresting White Blouse”

  1. I bought this blouse when you first featured it and I love it. I wear it all the time as you have, underneath a short sweater or with a blazer. The 3 black stripes in the back are a small but cool detail. Thanks for the inspiration back then.

  2. I think Harper is trying to point out that SHE is the inspiration for wearing something over a white underlayer! She has the original “white blouse”, albeit a fluffy one.

  3. What a great combo on you. I think you’ve done ecru and white in other incarnations? I need to try that myself. And I love Eileen Fisher — I’m definitely in the “soft pants” camp. The company also seems to be ethical and eco-conscious, which is nice. but that might just be my gullibility to marketing.

  4. My favorite clothing for myself of late is Eileen Fisher. Like you, I don’t love everything but much of it seems to work with other pieces of my wardrobe and feel rather “zen” when I want to dress quickly and with confidence, a calm approach to getting out the door. Your outfit is clever looking with style. Bet your Mom liked her sweater too. Harper looks adorable with a fabulous sweater for these winter temps. Kate

  5. Beautiful sweater I have a royal blue blouse that looks very pretty with it, brings out the subtle dark flecks of color in the weave. l also like it with a white blouse. great smile and a great cat!

  6. I am sure it wasn’t the easiest finding the perfect sweater cut for this blouse. This combination looks excellent. The sweater has just the required length and looseness to complement the blouse. Beautiful!


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