Boss Tweed

Nothing looks fresher in the spring than navy blue. It’s a universally flattering color (which must be why it’s commonly used in uniforms), so it’s almost certain that you will look good in it and possibly even great. Be assured: no one looks like death warmed-over in navy blue.

Boss Tweed
The Tweedy Boss
I’ve paired this spring-weight tweed jacket with very lightweight wool pants in a navy pinstripe, a white blouse, and black patent leather shoes.

The tweed and pinstripe combination works for two reasons. First, the tweed is limited to shades of blue and white. Second, the pinstripe is subtle.

Actually, this is Boss Tweed
Actually, this is Boss Tweed. He was not subtle and achieved early renown for his conflict resolution skills . . . which were exercised with an ax

Belted back, flap pockets
A fair amount of activity: texture, trim, buttons, belt, pockets
You might think this jacket a little busy — with the giant pockets, self belt, oversize buttons, fringe, and chambray ribbon trim — but when I bought it, it was busier. As sold, crocheted trim ran down the sides of the placket. That final touch struck me as excessive, particularly because the trim was beige, so I asked my tailor to remove it. Easily done!

Come closer and see the details.
Frayed trim
Little puffed sleeves
Slightly puffed sleeves, tres femme
Pinstripe pants, patent bag
Pinstripe pants, patent bag [click on photo to see pinstripes]

Whenever you buy a new garment, try to think about wearing it in more than one way. During the summer months, this jacket looks beautiful — and much lighter — with a navy blouse, white pants, and silver sandals. I’ll plant that seed now, let you think on it, and show you the pictures in a few weeks.

UPDATE July 8, 2015: See my posting on vertical stripes where I further discuss Boss Tweed.

UPDATE July 29, 2015: See Boss Tweed, Summer Edition!

Jacket: Nanette Lepore; Blouse: Banana Republic; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: French Sole New York; Blue bag: Coach Poppy tote; Watch: Shinola Birdy

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