Made For Each Other

Made For Each Other

Today’s post is packed with aphorisms.

I told you recently that I was going to buy this dress.
My word is my bond.
Forewarned is forearmed! JCrew Tiered Silk Dress in Lip Print
Forewarned is forearmed! JCrew Tiered Silk Dress in Lip Print

The Directrice faces an obstacle
The Directrice faces an obstacle, witnessed by a little kid crossing the street
The acquisition of the dress forced me to confront a problem that has been bedeviling me for years.

Surely I’ve had a dozen opportunities to rectify this situation.
The Directrice becomes, like, really sad
The Directrice becomes sad thinking about all the shoes that she never had*

Screeeeeeech! Imagine sound of: tires burning rubber, needle slapped across a record, helium balloon rapidly deflating.
You didn’t think I was down-and-out over the shoes did you? I’m at my best when backed into a corner.
Or, what is it they say . . . Necessity is the mother of invention!
You didn't really think I was wallowing in self-pity over a pair of shoes, did you?
You didn’t really think I was wallowing in self-pity over a pair of shoes, did you?

I remembered these:
Love of my life!
Love of my life!

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that these shoes were made for this dress.

And speaking of Made For Each Other, I thought this multi-color scarf would also be useful and effective with this dress.
Uncanny, the similarity in color schemes between these three items (dress, scarf, shoes).
Is it odd for me to say that I don’t love the color scheme? Navy with Christmas red and spearmint green. But it works.

No animals were hurt in the making of this post; it’s totally faux
In addition to warning you that I would buy this dress, I threatened to wear it with my faux fur scarf.
Let it never be said that The Directrice doesn’t make good on her threats.

The Photographer made a note next to this photo, which said, “Use Full Size.” So . . . although I almost never post a full-size photo, I am honoring his request. (The Photographer also begs you to remember that clicking on any photo brings up its full-size version.)
Used, full-size
Used, full-size

Up close, but half-size
Up close, but half-size
Why am I wearing this ridiculous scarf-collar?
I figure that once one has decided to wear a dress with lips printed all over it,
and compounded that decision with multi-tone golfing shoes, one is practically compelled to go Full Dowager and add a fur. In my case, a faux fur.

Dress: JCrew; Scarf: Tory Burch; Shoes: Tory Burch; Faux Fur: Helen Moore; Bag: Coach
* I believe that this turn of phrase is from Salt-n-Pepa (Let’s Talk About Sex)
Where The Wild Things Are
Where The Wild Things Are

15 thoughts on “Made For Each Other”

  1. And here I was waiting for an asterisk on When Harry Met Sally (or am I the only one who immediately heard the girl’s voice explaining the acronym??)
    On topic, I wish I had a long enough neck to pull off a dramatic collar like that!

  2. I will never again be able the hear the phrase “my word is my bond” without thinking of the FLOTUS speech at the RNC convention last year … but I digress. You did indeed promise to wear the silk dress with the faux fur collar and the effect is truly maximal and fun as envisaged.

  3. Ah Directrice, thank you again for making me laugh. I shall now look for any opportunity to use “Full Dowager” in fashion commentary. I must also note that a few weeks ago I wrote you a longer post regarding The Return of the Big Tent, but alas, it went into the ether and never appeared. In that one I also thanked you for the laughs (that time it was “something nasty in the woodshed” that caused me to choke on my coffee), but also for your blog in its entirety. You were soliciting feedback on seeing items multiple times, which I think is wonderful and much more satisfying than seeing all new things all the time, which isn’t really how any of us dress. Blog verite indeed!

    • Susanne — I remember your comment because I was so delighted that someone caught the reference to Cold Comfort Farm and I don’t know how or why it disappeared. Thank you for taking to time to comment again!

  4. I will not deny it – those shoes, that dress, MFEO.
    And the faux fur scarf… I had to get one too. Haven’t worn it yet, however I have grand plans.

  5. Hahaha!! I knew there was a reason why I’m a diehard (if somewhat silent) groupie of your writing and your sartorial choices 🙂 I’m especially enamoured of that faux fur addition with buckle. Such a Lil Eddie look, I feel, perhaps a turban is in the works?

  6. This outfit is like some sort of code. The dots, the dashes, the stripes. Not to mention the textural clues in the faux furry neckpiece. It could all be deciphered somehow! What does it mean!? It invites serious musing. Thank you for an intriguing ensemble. I thank the photographer also for the tip about the larger photos as I had not known that. All the better to decipher you with, my dear. (Isn’t that a line from Little Red Riding Hood, when the wolf is pretending to be the grandmother? Not sure!)

  7. Yes it’s Red Riding Hood. Thanks Google. (Oh grandmother. What big ears you have! … All the better to hear you, my dear.)

  8. A fabulous post and Just fits the fun outfit. The fur collar makes my day. Now hunting….it would work with so much of my own wardrobe. Honestly, it just sets off your glowing, pretty face and hair. No coat should be without that for winter in Michigan. A vintage look with remarkable staying power.

  9. The dress is a charmer and the shoes are a surprise. I think they can stand alone,but if a scarf is to be added I like the fur.

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