It’s A Fantasy Life: Resort Wear, Part III

Now we reach the end of my resort collection: Big Orange.

This color may be too bright for someone as pale as I am but I could not resist.
The dress was an end-of-season purchase last summer and is made of same puckered silk as this skirt. I had Fatima take it up along the shoulder seam (to reduce overall length and armscye size), but am now wondering if I should have her narrow the skirt. Make it a narrow slice of orange rather than a bias cut dress.
Big Orange

Big Orange in profile
For now, it is delightfully crisp and swishy — that rare combination.
I did not think black sandals would do (Halloween), but realized these white sandals would work. I also contemplated silver.

And what else?
This Orla Kiely bag — such a wonderful non-color — has stripe of orange running through the center of each flower. Perfect.
The delight I take in finding unexpected pairings in my closet — when I just happen to have the perfect thing — is surely out of proportion to any rational person’s emotional keel. But it’s so pleasing.
What else, what else? What is orange’s natural complement? Blue, bien sur.
This is unexpected, but good, right?

Given that this is a lounging ensemble, maybe I only need one strand.
Even four beads would be striking against this color.
Very good, Earth Mother

Let’s throw another log on the fire
What else?
Perhaps we need a pair of zany sunglasses?

The Photographer is a little frightened, but he’s doing his job.
The frame of these sunglasses is constructed in three rings of different materials. A tortoise interior ring; a grey middle ring, and a white striped exterior ring. I love that the lenses and shape of the interior ring is different than the outer ring — it’s like square inside a circle.
Yes, let’s

All together, I look like a composite of Auntie Mame, Bea Arthur, and — you guessed it — Milton Berle.
For those who missed The Directrice’s 500th Post, it’s not too late! You can read it here.
All together now!

Here’s something to brighten the end of your week: the trailer for Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women is out. Have a fantastic weekend!
Dress: Ganni; Sandals: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Bag: Orla Kiely; Sunglasses: Marni from The RealReal; Necklace: Antique turquoise beads beautifully strung for me by Missannethrope

9 thoughts on “It’s A Fantasy Life: Resort Wear, Part III”

  1. I wouldn’t narrow the skirt. The side view is gorgeous! I can imagine it feels great to walk in — as you said, crisp, yet swishy. I love it!

  2. I love everything about your resort wear collection! You look so fresh, cool, and elegant! I wish I could limit myself to just three special pieces, but I freely admit to owning too much resort wear (especially as I take just one resort holiday per year and spend the majority of my time in my swimsuit), but I love to change up my wardrobe along with my location, so I indulge.


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