Nod to Youth

Even though I have methods for navigating large inventory sites like YOOX and The RealReal pretty efficiently, I do find the regular shopping lists — curated edits — published by Vogue and WhoWhatWear very helpful. Sometimes one simply wants to be told what to want.


This skirt appeared in one such list. Was the theme “Post-Holiday Sales”? “Must-Haves”? “Micro-Trends”? I don’t know; all sound plausible. But regardless of how it was billed, I am appreciative — because I wouldn’t have thought to go looking for a long grey skirt on my own.

In the creative realm, is it cheating to buy something that someone else tells you to buy?

Note: The Photographer doesn’t buy anything without consulting NYT Wirecutter. I think he has bought things that he didn’t think to own because Wirecutter told him to.

Everything can’t be an original thought

It’s called efficiency


I love a long skirt and this one — with its double waistband — is contemporary and fun, right?

I did have to figure out how to wear it and what to wear it with.

I put in some effort

Worth its weight in gold


Clearly the waistband — waistbands — need to be seen. Beyond being the key feature of the skirt, they are bulky. If I wore a blouse or sweater untucked with this sweater, people would think I was wearing a money belt stuffed with bills.

What better to wear with the money belt skirt than a cashmere bralette? I can’t think of a thing.


I bought two of these cashmere bralettes (grey and black) from Anthropologie in 2021 and, as ludicrous as it sounds, they have been so useful. Worth every penny one could stuff into a money belt and more.

I wear these bralettes as layering pieces, over blouses and shirts and under jackets. When I bought them, I bought one for my best friend’s daughter, too. She’s in high school and wears hers as a top.

Just trying to keep things fresh by twinning with a high schooler

I am wearing the bralette over a simple silk blouse (also bought years ago) from JCrew. The sleeves on this blouse were loose and shapeless, but adding a little piece of elastic (maybe 2″ long) to the cuffs yielded a more trim, structured look.

A brighter alternative; note the beautifully set collar, which is just a little higher than a traditional round neckline


Every year around this time I realize that my winter wardrobe is really dark. Indeed, in February the clothes that felt chic in October start to feel grim.

I saw this charming sweater and despite its seasonal incoherence (short sleeved wool sweater) could not resist the color. An opportunity to brighten my winter palette!

I ordered it thinking it would be short enough to sit at the waistline of the skirt, but it’s a couple of inches too long. So it is tucked in.


I rate this sweater-skirt combo a solid “B” but no higher. That’s a little weird because each piece, independently, scores higher than “B.”

Perhaps I should pair the sweater with a pair of wide-legged pants instead?

It’s not bad, but it’s not great

Some days, that’s good enough
Double waistband up close

One last note: When the season is over, I will ask the seamstress at the dry cleaner to close the pockets on this skirt — a very easy job — which will make the skirt more svelte.

Skirt: Moon River Double Waist Midi Skirt (a maxi skirt on me; on sale now!); Red Sweater: Doen Anisa Crop Cardigan (runs bigger than I expected)

5 thoughts on “Nod to Youth”

  1. “The Photographer doesn’t buy anything without consulting NYT Wirecutter” — so relatable! I sometimes wonder how busy professionals functioned without it. Did people really spend hours upon hours researching and field testing their own milk frothers???

    The red/orange color suits you well!

  2. Apologies for coming late to this post (and for missing the info if you’ve posted it elsewhere) but please reveal more about those delectable boots!

    • Oh Marie, sadly, the boots are very old — purchased in 2015! They are from 8, which has a long-standing collaboration w/ YOOX. 8 x YOOX currently has loads of cute shoes and boots on YOOX, including some Very Excellent black flats with a white capped toe. I think you might be able to fabricate a boot or shoe like the ones in these photos by adding a white leather stripe to them with the help of an intrepid cobbler.


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