Back in the Pink

  Several months ago, a pink floral blouse caught my eye. I came up with an even better outfit layered upon this blouse/sweater/denim combination. I wore it with my tweedy jacket, an interesting belt, a bigger scarf, and little black wedges. Very smart, I thought — but I was too lazy to put it on … Read more

‘Tis the Season?

  The title of this post may color the way you see what I am about to show you. Try to imagine this outfit in November or February. The most important lesson here, however, is at the bottom of the frame. What shoes do you wear when you’ve combined red, green, and ivory? And a … Read more


  Have you ever been fascinated by something because it was foreign, perplexing, and a little unknowable? The Photographer says that he finds this jacket a little scary, but I’ve told him that he needs to walk toward his fear, not away. This false visual memory, however, prompted me to look up James Clavell’s Shogun … Read more

A Sweater of Substance (Two of Four)

  Today, we return to our series, Sweaters of Substance. I found a few more sweaters for your consideration . . . although I do agree with Erika’s observation (last week) that a cardigan is more substantial than a pullover. But these are charming!  

Jump Back

  Keeping my promise/threat to show you my old clothes — because this blog is conceptual, not commercial — today I am taking you back to 2006.   * When I arrive in a hotel room,+ I check the room very carefully for . . . my murderer . . . who I am always … Read more

Stuffed Directrice

  One last transitional fall look, even though we are a couple of weeks past the actual transition from summer to fall . . . and arguably are moving from fall to winter. My initial thought was to wear this jacket with a striped tee shirt underneath. But then I thought that the jacket, with … Read more

A Sweater of Substance (One of Four)

  In a Business Casual environment, a substantial sweater, A Sweater of Substance, can stand in for a jacket when worn with a crisp blouse and smart trousers. Indeed, some might say that the sweater better captures the essence of BC and has the added benefit of easily fitting into a weekend wardrobe with khakis … Read more