Tin Man

Tin Man


My husband looks at this jacket and sees Star Trek, which he assures me is a good thing. I, however, see Tin Man, which is also a good thing because the Tin Man is (in my opinion) the best character from the Wizard of Oz. We welcome a third vote to break the tie, so you tell me.

The fabric is “laminated cotton” which is just different enough to garner a second look, no? To moderate the futuristic look, I paired the jacket with an old-fashioned blouse — high necked and fully buttoned — made of very lightweight silk. The silk is, in fact, so lightweight that it’s on the verge of tattered and I’ve only worn it a dozen times.

Futuristic jacket, post-apocalyptic blouse
Futuristic jacket, post-apocalyptic blouse

Here is the jacket up-close:

Action shot; lamination, unlike rust, does not limit joint mobility
Zippers at the cuffs and welt pockets add interest, as if more interest were needed
Zippers at the cuffs and welt pockets add interest, as if more interest were needed


A black bag could easily complete the look, but red is a little more fun.

I compliment Coach on the Borough Bag 2.0. Clearly someone looked at the original Borough bag — which is also beautiful — and came up with some small but valuable improvements: fewer compartments, feet on the bottom and turnlock closures. And, I’d like to thank Coach for putting identical hardware on the back and the front so that consumers like me, who don’t like brand names appearing on their clothes and accessories, aren’t forced to bear a logo.
Live long and prosper![1]

Jacket: L’Agence; Blouse: Alice by Alice Temperley; Pants: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Taryn Rose

5 thoughts on “Tin Man”

  1. I like the jacket very much. I cannot offer a deciding vote even though I see both Star Trek and the Wizard of Oz references.. As you know I am very prejudiced when it comes to the Wizard of Oz . Oh I could never stand that movie. I am enjoying the blog so very much . Terrific job all around — the model, the commentator and the photographer.

  2. I’ve just discovered your blog and wanted to say hi, I like your outfits very much and find them really inspiring.

  3. I’m thinking, 21st Century chain mail for a modern female litigator. A fanatic outfit! I have a very similar jacket but in royal blue felted wool. The colour of mine does unfortunately make me think ‘Star Trek’ (I was a fan) every time I put it on. So I always take it off and have never worn it outside my home. It’s the colour that does it to me, as it makes the jacket feel too costumey. Perhaps the felted wool contributes to that effect as I think how cozy it would be on an intergalactic mission. Might only be worse if it were red. I think the blue would be worn the goodies and red would be the renegades. I love your apocalyptic blouse description!

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