The Case for Being Well-Dressed



I’ve written previously about the importance of being appropriately dressed. But today, I’d like talk about the benefits of being well-dressed. If you are keen to aesthetics,[1] being well-dressed allows you to enjoy beautiful garments or feel that you are contributing — doing your part — to add to the beauty of your environment. But even if you don’t respond emotionally to minor grace notes in your day – like wearing a silk scarf that complements your outerwear and bag – the benefits of being well-dressed will flow toward you anyway.

Minor grace note: scarf, coat, bag in harmony

Nice clothes are a type of armor: They can give you confidence, and they may even embolden you. Nice clothes have a corresponding effect on the people you encounter: If you are well-dressed, people will be nicer to you, and will even defer to you. (Sad, but true.) So, in encouraging you to be well-dressed, I am offering you power. Just be certain to use that power for good.

Using the power
Using the power
Using the power . . .
Using the power . . .
Using the power for good
for good

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2 thoughts on “The Case for Being Well-Dressed”

  1. I am LOVING your blog. I am 47 and really struggling to find where I fit in with the world and fashion. I love beautiful clothes and am trying to figure out what is age appropriate and yet fun and youthful. I struggle with how casual the world has become. As an esthetician I must look cute and professional but I must be practical. I enjoy clothes and dressing well. My clients tell me that when they make an effort at work others inquire as to whether they have a job interview. I think this is such a shame. Beautiful clothes are such a source of creativity and joy to me. I am really enjoying your blog!!! You have beautiful style.


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