Two Wrongs Make A Right

Do I yield too often to impractical impulses?

I bought this backless top a few years ago because I could not resist the color. Or the slightly absurd drape.
A backless top is pretty impractical. But it can be paired with a linen camisole — et voila — I am sort of dressed for work.
I yielded to an impulse (in front of the Embassy of Morocco)

And am fearlessly facing the consequences
Remember: We have unilaterally extended the summer here at Directrice Global Industries because I still have summer ideas to share. Speaking of global, today we went to an area a few blocks away that is stuffed with embassies.
I am dressed for Casual Friday (or Free-fall Thursday) in the summer.
Two wrongs make a right again!

I say two wrongs, but the linen camisole is actually very right. I often wear it as a layering piece under cardigans.
But I would not wear the camisole alone as a top (here I am looking at the Embassy of China)

Perhaps if you come closer, you will see what captured my fancy.
This Granny Smith green may look harsher in photos than in does in real life.
Then again, the camera never lies (to my right is the Embassy of Bangladesh)

Fun, right?
Substantially covered

So much to love: top-stitching, frayed edges, shapes that could be flowers or continents
Looks like I could have made it m’self

Primitive snap closure.
As if

We took these photos in International Park, which is in the middle of the embassy area, and saw a very chubby wild rabbit and several butterflies.
An interlude
Beauty! Truth!

Rounding out the impracticality, a tiny straw bag.
I cannot imagine what impact rain would have on this bag.
But it’s very beautiful

It’s just big enough to carry a pair of sunglasses and a mouse’s bicycle. I could also fit my wallet in it.
There is also room for a tissue, but not much more

The bag cannot simultaneously hold my wallet, a small make-up bag, sunglasses, and glasses. I just like to look at it and touch it.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Green top: Marques’Almeida; Camisole: Eileen Fisher; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Donald J Pliner: Bag: Bembien; Sunglasses: Illesteva

12 thoughts on “Two Wrongs Make A Right”

  1. What do Nikki Minaj and the Directice have in common?

  2. Free-Fall Thursday!

    Also, it’s not YOU that has unilaterally extended summer. It’s the disgusting heat and humidity. Ugh. Go AWAY, Summer!

  3. Directrice your lovely top is a little like the map of a magical park, with a golden lake at the centre of wide, apple green fields. If you had a tiny pagoda brooch to pin onto it, it would be like a little embassy house in the park! And your straw bag seems made of the dried grasses of the park.
    Like the reader above, I also love the mouse bicycle idea!

  4. Oh, this top is wonderful! Have you also worn it over a sundress? And can it also work back-to-front, as a sort of sleeveless jacket, or does it have more bust-shaping than I can tell from these pictures? I am very inspired by this top.

  5. It’s things like this that make a girl end up with three closets full of clothes. I love the color and can how rich it looks paired with other items.


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