Nice Skirt

I like a midi-skirt as much as the next woman. Actually, I probably like midi-skirts more than most women do. This may be the product of delusional thinking, but I think midi-skirts are chic, slimming, and elongating.

But it all comes down to execution, doesn’t it?
Not all midi-skirts are chic, slimming, and elongating.
I wish that I could lay down some bright-line rules to help you identify the right midi-skirts, but I fear that the specifics always matter.
When we first stepped outside, I thought that the wind was going to push my hair into ridiculous, topiary shapes

But then I realized it was also committing mayhem upon my skirt, which was supposed to be the focus of photos
Plainly this was not working; I do not look chic or slimmed or elongated

What makes this skirt work?
The fabric is a fluid flannel. It looks like wool, but is some bizarre synthetic cocktail of fibers that looks like wool but is very smooth.
This fabric has enough structure to hold its a-line shape (except when buffeted by 35 mph winds), while moving with the body.
Shelter from the elements, just around the corner

So much better, although I am cold
The design is high-waisted and I may be wearing it even higher than intended — partly because the waist is a little small on me (non-returnable final sale) and partly because the pockets sit in the right place when the waistband is a little above my natural waist.
I’ve added a skinny belt — placed at the bottom of the waistband rather than centered — to further define the waist.

I like the mix of ivory and grey. If I could find a grey sweater in the same shade, that might be very elegant, too.
The Photographer is wearing a jacket

Let’s take this inside, into a controlled environment.
Another day, a different color scheme.
It’s cozy inside; Mon Dieu! is that a cat on the table?

Philo moves to center stage
This skirt would look good with a crew-neck sweater, too.

The red belt was a late inspiration while I was getting ready for work.
The red belt pops

Pockets are a tall drink of water
Returning to a head-on view so that you can appreciate the asymmetry of the hem, the fold along the center seam, and the pockets, which remind me (oddly) of the carvings we saw in Chile. Long, solemn, and uneven.

These pockets are an inspired graphic touch. So subtle, yet they make the skirt.
Do you see what I mean?

A skirt like this requires a low heel. Just a little something to get you off the ground. These heels are approximately 1/2″ high.
Technically, I think these are flats

And now, a special treat: Directrice Verite. The Photographer was experimenting with a borrowed lens and I was entertaining him.
The Directrice as no one should ever see her
Two cats on the counter?
So much to not aspire to

Skirt: Tibi Vicose High Waisted Drape Skirt (mine is size 4); Sweaters and belts: so old, who cares; Shoes: Tory Burch

10 thoughts on “Nice Skirt”

  1. I agree that a well-executed midi skirt is slimming and elongating, and this one is interesting, too. In the outdoor images, are you wearing white hose or trouser socks? I canNOT stand being cold in the winter, and could not sacrifice warmth for interesting shoes as you said in a previous post (my solution is black oxfords or brown chelsea boots with socks under opaque tights with skirts, and leggings under pants as needed). I have some outfits I’ve always thought would work with a white or colored tight, but been afraid of styling it wrong (“I teach art at the gnome school”). You’ve talked about nude hose before, but I’d love your thoughts on white or colored!

    • Candidate — So sorry for the late reply! I am wearing nude hose . . . but my skin tone is so pale as to read white in these photos. I am not a fan of white stockings, but do like black hose and black tights. And I think that other dark colors — the right shade of dark brown or burgundy — can also bridge a grey skirt and black shoes. I tend to think that tights should match shoes rather than clothes if the scheme is binary. But see Cyd Charisse in Silk Stockings wearing tights that match her skirt for The Red Blues.

  2. I love that skirt! It suits you to a T. If only I needed such a lovely thing. Alas, I do not. I would be reduced to swanning around my house entertaining the cats and getting no work done.

    Cats and counters are a natural pairing. Did I miss Philo’s back story?

  3. Hi Kate, I met Philo at our local pet food store and adoption center. I have a weakness for piebald cats — my beloved cat Elvis, who died in 2012, was one — so when I saw him, I couldn’t help spending some time with him. He was obviously a sweet, friendly, playful cat, and when he dragged a toy away across the floor, I fell in love with him. That was that, and we took him in. All we know of his past is that he was in a hoarder situation in some rural area and was surrendered to an animal shelter in Lexington, Virginia. He was regarded as a feral cat, which is why his eartip was snipped off when he was fixed. He was found at the shelter by a rescue organization and brought to D.C. to be adopted. There’s nothing feral about him; he loves to be around people and other cats and jumps into my lap all the time (usually when I’m trying to work.) We named him Philo Farnsworth, after the inventor of television, which was of course black and white.

  4. Love this post! The skirt is excellent and looks really good with the top and the belt and the highly appropriate shoes. The bright kitchen show with three endearing performers makes happy.

  5. Lovely skirt! I agree with the Directrice that it would look elegant with a gray sweater, but I don’t think it has to be the same shade of gray.

  6. For some reason it’s very Kathrine Hepburn to me – and that’s a very very good thing. Emboldening, authoritative – it’s definitely business like, but those pockets bring it around to quirky/awesome! I am sold.


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