The Last Sweater of Substance (Four of Four)

The last Sweater of Substance is very substantial, but not entirely worky. It’s my cozy poet sweater that I wear on the weekends and occasionally for casual Friday when the weather is very cold.

Why do I call this a poet sweater? Is that even a thing?*
Many of you have previously raised objections to half-sleeved sweaters. We must agree to disagree. I think there is a time and place for sleeves of every length!
3/4 poet
My time is now!

ful; length
Looking back with the perspective of intervening years, I’d say the trip was more successful than not

I bought this sweater while in Portland, Oregon for work. In 2008. The trip was a mixed success. I was defending an expert deposition and I learned some things about my expert during the course of his deposition. For those who are not lawyers, You don’t want to learn things about your witness during his deposition. Then I came down with a cold.
But, on the positive side of the ledger, I found a great women’s boutique while out for a constitutional walk and bought not only this sweater, but also this sweater** and this scarf. Such a greedy little thing. I will only say in my defense that this is not my modus operandi –rarely is there shopping during business trips — but this particular trip was blessed.

I think that these buttons were once black and changed color during a visit with the drycleaner, but I really can’t remember.
Buttons may have blanched in response to things they saw at the drycleaner and never recovered

For something a little different, I’ve fastened my watch over the fitted sleeve of my jersey.
That wouldn’t work if the sweater had long sleeves.
Half sleeves create possibilities

orange spice
Compensating for lack of novel content with more content; two outfits in one post
Allow me to show you a second outfit involving the poet sweater silhouette, whatever that may be.
A colorful tunic and simple ivory 5-pocket cords work.

This cheery blouse will be appearing soon in a very different type of outfit.
Now I am creating constructive tension, challenging you to imagine how different the forthcoming outfit will be; blouse as turban? blouse over snow-suit?

To conclude, the Treat of the Week: Best Friend Forever is visiting from Minneapolis!
The Photographer felt that our reunion should be documented with photos.
Here, we have just agreed that we haven’t aged a day since our college graduation.

Here we are looking at The Photographer the way that we look at anyone who does not speak our secret language.
Poor Photographer arrived 20 years late to this particular party, but he is still welcome!

This photo is for our mothers, who will be pleased to see us together and smiling.

Sweater: Vince; Striped turtleneck: JCrew; Khakis: Banana Reublic; Watch: TechnoMarine; Blouse; A.P.C.; Cords: Talbots
* It is a thing. A poet shirt is a full blouse with bishop (i.e., full) sleeves, often featuring a large collar, pleats, or ruffles. This seems like the sweater equivalent, no?
** The grey sweater came from Saks. WHY was I in a Saks Fifth Avenue in Portland, Oregon? The memories are now flooding back. I went shopping because I was cold (before I realized that I was actually sick) and had not packed enough warm things.

14 thoughts on “The Last Sweater of Substance (Four of Four)”

  1. Love the sweater. I like 3/4 length sleeves and will often push up my sweater sleeves. The alternative of wearing a shirt with long sleeves underneath the shorter sweater sleeves appeals to me.

  2. I love a poet’s blouse and have come to appreciate a short sleeved sweater. Please pass along to Best Friend that her trench coat is fabulous.

  3. I like short sleeved sweaters although I don’t usually put a long-sleeved top under them.
    I pretty much roll every long-sleeved shirt I wear up to below the elbow anyway.

  4. BFF here: purchase of trench coat was directly inspired by The Directrice! And thank you to The Photographer for your mad skills that erase evidence of any aging from the last twenty-SEVEN years.

    We love the moms back. And Barclay too!

    Trench coat: Banana Republic

  5. The sweater is a keeper and the sleeve length is perfect. Your reunion looks fun and saved for you by your photographer. Your joy shows in the smiles.

  6. On your second “Sweaters of Substance” post, you posted a picture of a one-shoulder Theory sweater, and we both posited that it would be lovely over a menswear inspired shirt. I acquired a one-shoulder sweater to test our theory. We were right! It looks lovely!

  7. I also enjoy short-sleeved sweaters and wanted to say how much I enjoy and appreciate the spirit and sense of humor in your writing!


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