The Directrice Takes the Air

As with many busy women, exercise is something I try to fit into the corners of my day. During the week my walks are all business, but on the weekend there is time for meandering. My route typically includes one bakery (sometimes two) and a neighborhood shop that sells the cutest athletic wear, Core 72.

When I spied this silver ski-skirt at Core 72, I felt that it was tailor-made for me.

  • Layering imperative: Check!
  • Vaguely futuristic: Check!
  • Makes crinkly sounds: Check!
  • Will keep bottom warm: Check!
  • Is sort of hilarious: Check!
Made for me
The walk is a zero-sum undertaking; I burn some calories, others are consumed

Thinking about the Paris Agreement and the 2016 Senate races
Although it is unseasonably warm in Washington D.C., I hear cold weather is on the way. I have plans for bundling up.
But first, here is a three-quarters view to show a little more of the skirt while I think about climate change.

A rose bush outside my building is blooming. That’s not right.
An untimely bloom
An untimely bloom
Anxious mouse wonders why it is so warm
Anxious mouse is concerned for that rosebush

But the Farmers’ Almanac says that we will have a cold and snowy January.
While it’s still in the 50s I can wear a sweater vest and scarf for warmth, and carry a canvas bag to hold incidentals . . . like pastries from the bakery.
Where are my gloves?

my favtorti scarf
My favorite scarf
At night I carry my fluorescent satchel. It glows like radium, making me visible to motorists, cyclists, and Marine One.
For the knitters: I paid a king’s ransom for this naive Muir & Osborne scarf and it was worth every penny because . . . Look at it! A riot of color, so joyfully combined. Someone who knits (and doesn’t even knit well) could probably make an identical scarf with leftovers from her knitting basket, right?

A scarf this lively deserves gloves capable of sustaining the conversation, no? Gloves like these:
The Directrice is using the power of the  gloves to levitate the photographer
Channeling The Force to bend photographer to her will

Eyelash fringe on scarf
Eyelash fringe on scarf
Brightly colored gussets enliven gloves
Brightly colored gussets enliven gloves

Skirt: Skhoop (though it looks like a component of the James Webb Space Telescope); White jersey and black leggings: Nike; Sweater vest: JCrew Cashmere Shell; Canvas bag: Hable Construction Rose Checker Camper; Green bag: Cambridge Satchel Company 13″ Satchel in Fluoro Yellow; Pink and white scarf: JCrew; Multicolored scarf: Muir & Osborne; Gloves: found on an expedition in Paris
You've come too close, whispered Anxious Mouse.
Anxious Mouse is my new avatar

14 thoughts on “The Directrice Takes the Air”

  1. I love this post. Anxious mouse! Coveted gloves (unfortunately from Paris)! Battlestar Galactica skirt! Great scarf! (What qualifies as a King’s Ransom? Is it a relative scale that varies depending on the item’s purpose, flexibility and size – or is it an absolute value?). I cannot match your wit, but I do wish I had your gloves. Instead, here is a PSA of my own – you will like this:

    • Everyone needs to check out Betsy’s link, because it is fantastic. Regarding the King’s Ransom, it is a relative figure. Indeed, there must be some despots in history whose subjects breathed a collective sigh of relief when their monarch was snatched and didn’t even go through the pretense of assembling the ransom payment. (“Ransom equals $0.00. He’s your problem now.”)

  2. Just when I thought the Directrice could not get any cuter…she does this! Love every inch of it. Especially that zipper on the space-telescope skirt. Perfect.

  3. i love this! but i don’t understand a ski skirt. adorable for leisurely walks through our nation’s capital, but odd for the slopes, no? (to be fair, i don’t ski so i have no idea)

    • I am so hopelessly behind the times, but I think these are best suited to “boarding” and maybe cross country skiing . . . and apres ski activites!

  4. I’m envisioning this skirt in other situations as well: knobbly sweater with textured tights and boots OR paired with slim jeans and dark wool jacket? I think it’s divine; the uses are endless. I’m getting one similar in an olive green, wrap style with snaps instead of a zip. Great post!

    • Terrific idea! It really is cute. Skhoop makes slightly longer versions that are still above the knee but not quite as short as this one, and also colorful and coordinated long-johns/leggings.

  5. I can’t imagine that the skirt would work for cross-country skiing, but it does seem perfect for a late autumn or winter ball game. It would keep one’s bottom toasty while sitting in the stands.

    • I am thinking back over some very cold November football games that I sat through in Massachusetts when I was a girl and thinking this skirt would have helped . . .

  6. It’s not the most flattering look for even the slim such as yourself, but see the point about being reflective.
    I was sideswiped by someone’s’ side view mirror a few winters ago, and think that pedestrians should do everything they can to shine.

    You can zip it on and off before anyone sees. If the drivers think you’re a bit broad across the beam that’s all the better for them to not run over you.

    • How terrible to be side-swiped, but I am glad it was not worse for you. I am the most defensive pedestrian imaginable because having the right-of-way would be cold comfort in a hospital bed. Happy New Year, Ginger!

  7. I LOVE this and had been eyeing one myself for winter dog walking and hanging outside with the kids. the timing of your post is perfection. did you get the mini or short? what size, that is, did you go up a size to accommodate layers underneath or is this sized to anticipate that one will want to wear layers underneath?

    • Hi Kalpana — I bought a mini in size M on the recommendation of the saleswoman, even though a S fit and looked sleeker. The reason for going up a size is that the skirt is is very slippery and a snugger fit would tend to ride up, which would necessitate frequent tugging which is not only aggravating but most un-chic. I chose the shorter length because I knew I would be layering it over pants and therefore the exposure of my knees would never be an issue. Good luck!


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