Marled on Marled

I think the Groundhog didn’t see his shadow on February 2nd. And that means an early spring? Or does it mean 6 more weeks of winter? I grew up in New Hampshire and have always found this very confusing. In New Hampshire, if spring starts in mid-March, that is an early spring. Regardless, the take-away for The Directrice (the blog, not the person) is that we only have a few more weeks to show heavy winter clothes.

Let’s make the most of it, shall we?
Behold a jacket that is technically a tweed, but looks like a marled knit, worn over a sweater that is unequivocally a marled knit.
For those who are curious, a marled knit is made from marled yarn. Marled yarn is made by combining different strands of thread (called plies, e.g., 3-ply embroidery floss) and the end result is a knit product that has color variations. Black is typically used in marled yarn and you may be able to see that my sweater is red with black mixed in.

Come closer, my pet
Better beholding at close range; click on photo to enlarge
If you come a little closer, you may be able to behold this marling I’ve described a little better.
You will also be able to see my scarf (you’ve seen it before), which provides an elegant finishing touch and a little warmth around the vulnerable neck. I like having my neck covered when it’s cold.

Even though this fabric is visually complex, the black trim works.
The back
A military look (French military, 19th Cent.)

The Photographer and I are usually all business when taking pictures because I am a busy lawyer and he is a busy writer. But there are times when we horse around. Sometimes there is play-acting.
There is hopping and mugging
Hopping and mugging

The Directrice pushes back against her paparazzo
The Directrice sets limits with the paparazzi
This is how Harper sees me: giant hands, reaching
This is how Harper sees me: giant hands, reaching
This is actually a photo of me being myself

Jacket: Nanette Lepore; Sweater: Eileen Fisher; Pants: JCrew; Scarf Liberty (vintage); Boots: 8
Straightening myself out
Straightening myself out; back to business

6 thoughts on “Marled on Marled”

  1. There are those boots – love them! And the jacket is perfect – like a structured sweater – which would be super comfy wearing to work all day long.

  2. That is a terrific jacket! Love the marled look with the black trim (is it velvet or perhaps, velveteen?), and especially the detail on the back. The whole look just pops, and it also looks like it would be great for travel, too.

    Also, any chance of a photo shoot with Harper as accessory?

  3. Still waiting for you to reveal the layers of your looks – eager to see the sweater under the charming jacket – and instructions on how you do those scarves! I am all thumbs when it comes to scarves. Either that, or I have the wrong sizes/shapes 🙁 Also, can we have a fuller peak at the boots? I thought they were shoes.

    Love the playful photos, especially your beautiful smile!

    • Thank you, Rhizophora! The video is up, at the end of 2.19.16’s post. Also, I sent an email to you a couple of weeks ago; check your Inbox/spam folders for something from The Directrice.


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