It’s A Jungle In Here

Somehow my WFH wardrobe feels very small. Is that possible?

I suppose it could be. Most days of the week and most days of the year, for the last 20 years, I have gone to work. At a law firm. So it would make sense that I have more dressy clothes than casual clothes.
I remember having, in my early twenties, casual dresses. But I don’t seem to have any dresses that are so casual that I would put them on for a full day of work in my dining room.
This is me, WFHing

This is me, WFHing in profile
What I have tried to do, every day, is put on hard pants and a nice sweater or blouse.
NOTE: Action slacks count as hard pants because they have a zipper-fly and a waistband that is only partially elasticized.

I have discovered (re-discovered) that I have three pairs of fatigue green pants.
On the one hand, I am baffled by this. On the other hand, I applaud it. Fatigue green pants are very useful and almost as neutral as tan khakis.
Witness how natural they are with this zebra print sweater.
This is me, WFHing and trying to manage my hair

I have been trying, daily, to accessorize the nice sweater (or blouse) with a scarf, a pin, or a necklace.
So many Zoom meetings. One must make the effort!
Despite the intense activity of the sweater, I thought that this acidic green scarf (from a collaboration between Orla Kiely and Uniqlo many years ago) was a fitting addition.
Here, the hair appears to be back under control

If you disagree, I’ve taken a few photos with the scarf removed.
Minus the scarf
This is the best fitting sweater I’ve ever owned

While any outfit built around a zebra print top may seem complete as soon as the body is covered — zebra is an eye-catcher — I had to include one additional accessory.
Have you spied it?
Did you notice something special? I am wearing something special

It’s the NOX Above bracelet from Abrams Wearable.
A bracelet!

I bought this bracelet on-line and have been wearing it every day since it arrived.
A beautiful, interesting bracelet

On weekdays, my practice group has a 5-10 minute meet-up on Zoom, just to say hello. Some days it’s just a quick greeting, other days, everyone has to answer a silly question. (Sample: What music would you use for your long program skate, if you were an Olympic skater?*) Last week, I asked everyone to replace his or her live video feed with a photo of his/her spirit animal. The animals ranged from a ladybug to an elephant and one person showed Li’l Sebastian. I used a horned owl and I liked it so much, I am thinking of using it as my representative in all meetings.
Focusing the eye

* When I posed the question to the group, it’s hard to say who was more astonished. ThEM, because they had never previously given thought to this question or ME because I can’t imagine not having selected long skate program music even if you’ve never been on skates in your life. Who can watch the Winter Games and not think about this?+
+ This moi? I would use Benny Goodman’s Sing Sing Sing to open, use the second movement of Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings for the middle (footwork and twizzles), and end with George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. I know this is an incoherent mash-up, but it will please the judges and the crowd and I am in this to win it. So confess to The Directrice (and The Directorate): Haven’t you had your long program music selected for years?

12 thoughts on “It’s A Jungle In Here”

  1. So much to admire here: how nicely the acidic green goes with the fatigue green, your long skate program fantasies, that you are wearing a scarf *and* a bracelet to WFH, that you are wearing Hard Pants — and that you can still fit into them after a month of WFHing. Aspirations, every one.

  2. Love the scarf with the sweater. Minus the scarf, the sweater seems oddly dull. I would use I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts by X for my musical accompaniment to my skating routine, as it is already the accompaniment to my life. My Zoom animal would be Animal from the Muppets.

  3. I must must must finish grading by Wednesday, so I really shouldn’t be trying to come up with music for my long skate. I am one of the (apparently) few who hasn’t ever thought about this, despite being a huge figure skating fan. I look forward to procrastinating by reading others’ programmes.

  4. It must be a very eye catching outfit for me not to notice that bracelet until you mentioned it! I love the look of the bracelet, but how is it not annoying when you are trying to do things like type?

    • I eye that bracelet rather nervously when The Directrice wears it. The strands are soft and flexible, but I find myself hoping she won’t try to touch her face anywhere near her eyes when she wears it. Maybe if I electrified it…

      • LOL… The filaments are skin soft and handmade. They’re made from a custom formula of acrylic paint with a core that gives them shape and durability. And the pieces that stick out just give when they come in contact with anything. It’s a lovely piece – a little drama without being a hinderance!

  5. Love the sweater,love the pants, love the scarf. Most of all love the way your mind works! I would have a difficult time selecting the music for the a skating performance,but I know that I would want to include Shostakovich romance opus97a ( theme from REILLY) among my selections.

  6. Love those pants… it’s all about the pants for me.

    I honestly have NEVER considered a skating routine for myself. You’ve taught me Directrice… I’m growing here.

  7. Your outfit looks great! I have thought about my skating program and would go with a selection from Swan Lake–high drama all the time!


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