Calico Space Force

Calico Space Force. Is your brain scrambling to make sense of that? Are you wondering what it could possibly be?

How did I come to be wearing a tactical vest that looks like it’s made of calico kevlar?
Did you ever think you’d see the day . . .

Well . . . believe it, because the day has arrived
You know how these things go.
Something catches your eye on Yoox, you put it in your Dreambox, it’s so strange that it sits there — unmolested — for 18 months until it’s gone through so many price reductions that it’s practically free and you say to your computer monitor, Would you like to come home with me?

The fabric looks like a calico-esque print, except that it’s only two colors (or, non-colors) and printed on a windbreaker fabric.
Come closer and take a look.
Not nearly close enough close-up

Had I realized that the squares just below my collarbone were metal and non-functioning, perhaps I would have pulled back from my rash invitation.
Overall, however, I like this. I particularly like the way the hem of the vest works with the hem of this shirt. A very nice parallel.
You’re a strange little vest, but I like you

The Photographer, as always, sees a sci-fi costume.
He thinks this is more Star Wars than Star Trek.
I think it’s more Calico S.W.A.T.
Can wavy lines be parallel?

You can see my striped shirt in another context in this post.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Vest: Carven; Shirt: Thomas Mason for JCrew; Jeans; JCrew; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Coach

3 thoughts on “Calico Space Force”

  1. I can see this being a Star Wars tactical vest. Maybe those are not calico flowers but an alien-network-pod map. In any case, it’s so much fun. I like how the different patterns appear to give a shapely three-dimensional depth.

  2. Is this the first of the promised sequential posts … the svelte version of the previous outfit perhaps ? I like how both outfits look like they’d emerged unbruised from beneath seasonal outerwear (a challenge for me if cotton dress shirts are involved).


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