It’s the Little Things

Today’s post shall be light on content. I am giving everyone time and space to process my profound teachings on vacation packing. Also, I didn’t draft any posts before leaving for vacation and am scrambling to do so now.

I value well-made garments and am always delighted when I order something from a label I know nothing about and find that it is beautifully made.
I bought this dress a couple of years ago and it was one such delighful surprise. Army-green cotton with a slight sheen to it with decorative piping and stitching.
Staring off into the middle distance while contemplating the details that make life beautiful and wondering if the front door is locked

closer front
Cotton so stiff that the ends of the belt are holding a pose
If you come a little closer, you might be able to see the details better. Of course the best detail of all is not visible: it’s lined with chartreuse silk!

From the back, this trench detail.
There is no function, but so much form.
This dress is from a Canadian label, DSquared2, which I found on YOOX a few years ago. I recommend the brand because the clothes are stylish and distinctive and beautifully made. But be forewarned: the sizes run very small — this dress is a size 8 and I have ordered others in size 10 and size L — and expensive, even when bought from YOOX.
Remember: the rule is that things need to be useful or beautiful

Perhaps, you are wondering, How expensive is expensive?
Here’s a yardstick: DSQquared2 has a shop on Capri. But on YOOX, the dresses can drop down into the $200-$300 range.
Finishing things off, dark brown sandals, bag, and antique wood bracelets.
I bought the bag on eBay after I missed my chance to order it from Marni’s website.

Note rows of decorative stitching around hem; it’s almost (for the quilters) a trapunto effect

A fortuitous mistake; sometimes it’s good to be bad at math
The bracelets are a souvenir from Paris, purchased after a sloppy (and erroneous) calculation of the exchange rate. Though I paid more than I intended, and more than I probably would have agreed to pay at the time if I had calculated properly, I am so glad for my mistake. I love these bracelets. The embellishments are antique, too: a religious medallion and carved bead of a somber face (looks like a crusader to me).

Dress: DSquared2; Sandals: Frye; Bag: Marni; Bracelets: Gavilane
Beautiful, not useful
Beautiful and useful

10 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things”

  1. Well, I am still puzzling over the checked bag injunction. But onto today’s post. Nice to know about DSquared2’s sizing. I’ve admired their clothes on Yoox. Maybe someday when just the right item arises.

  2. I really like your bracelets. I was trying to figure out the religious one being a product of Catholic schools. At first I thought it was a St. CHristopher medal but upon closer inspection since the two males have halos wonder if it is Jesus and maybe John the Baptist. Whatever, nice touch!

    • Thank you, Sheila! Raised in the Unitarian church, I am at a disadvantage trying to identify the persons depicted on these medals. Well, Jesus is depicted on both and I do recognize him. On the reverse of one medal is the La Basilique du Sacre Couer (Montmartre) and on the other is the following inscription “Madeleine Guibert 15 Mai 1902.”

  3. Yoox is a godsend. They make many of these premium brands affordable and most of the unique clothing and shoes I have I purchased there.

    I like your attention to construction, both in terms of quality and in terms of how structured clothing is incredibly flattering, perfect for work where you can be super stylish and yet appropriately dressed too.

    You look lovely in this dress. The waist especially flatters your figure.

  4. LOVELY!
    DSquared2 is design team of twin brothers who are famous for menswear – and being from Canada myself, they are worth mentioning!

    Justin Bieber? …. Not so much….

    • Ha! My father is not terribly interested in contemporary pop culture, but Justin Bieber has somehow penetrated his consciousness. He knows who Justin Bieber is and that his followers are Beliebers. When Bieber’s name comes up in the news, Dad gets this disgusted look on his face and wordlessly shakes his head.

  5. I still stand by YOOX Kids for those of us who are a bit shrunken and undersized. They have some of the same brands as for normal-sized people (including DSquared2!) but at much lower prices. I’m sure the designers don’t invest the same quality into their kids line as into their adult line, but perhaps some of the general integrity is maintained? I just got a fun Scotch R’belle (kiddie version of Scotch & Soda) blazer and have a DSquared2 dress on the way. Sometimes the sizes 14+ fit better than you might expect.

    • I tried on some CrewCuts tee shirts this weekend and a size 12 fit me. The graphic on the front was a furry creature (looked sort of like a hedgehog) riding a motorcycle through a ring of fire. Who wouldn’t want that? I decided not to buy it because it read “STUNT MONSTER” on the back in huge letters.


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