Brighter Than The Sun

If only it were always sunny on Casual Friday. For days when the weather is not cooperating, or the sun is setting early, we can inject the sun through clever costuming.

When you last (and first) saw this jacket, it was very worky. But the shape is so great that it seems wrong to save it just for worky days. So here I am wearing it with skinny/straight jeans. (You think they are straight. I think they are skinny.)
The bright yellow turtleneck works because it’s striped. A solid bright yellow might have been a little bumblebee, but the stripes provide joie de vivre with a little depth.
Like this full length
She knew this jacket would have more than one use

three quarter
So clever is She
With regard to bumblebee combinations: I am not ruling out the possibility of a solid yellow or gold blouse with the jacket and grey wool pants. That might be a striking combination.

For now, however, the exercise is purely theoretical. I don’t have a long sleeved yellow or gold blouse. I just didn’t want to foreclose future discussion.
side view
Reluctant to foreclose options until required to choose

turtlneck up close
Ultra-light turtleneck collapses elegantly; can be pulled up to make sexy-sheer balaclava
These JCrew tissue tees (including turtlenecks) are such great layering pieces — very useful when you want something between your skin and a jacket or sweater but don’t want bulk.

The weight of the jersey is so light that I can easily wear my watch over my sleeve, which I think is an interesting look. Agree? Disagree?
watch over
The watch pops against the bright yellow

fresh haircut
He did as I asked . . . he is blameless
I just got my haircut. I normally have my hair cut every four weeks and feel that every day beyond the four-week mark is more like a week. This haircut was two weeks late — two weeks that felt like 14 weeks to me — and so I goaded my stylist into trimming, trimming, trimming until I pronounced it — to his dismay — perhaps too short.

And now a bonus photo. I look a little apprehensive in this photo. I wonder why?
Perhaps I’d been reading the news . . .
Separated at birth
I look like my spirit animal
I will worry more
Surely you remember Anxious Mouse

Have a fantastic weekend!
Jacket: RedValentino; Turtleneck: JCrew; Jeans: JCrew; Bag: Orla Kiely; Watch: Michele Urban with grosgrain band; How closely are you reading? Did “sexy-sheer balaclava” make you laugh?

4 thoughts on “Brighter Than The Sun”

  1. Lovely to see the yellow as I freeze here in Minneapolis – where a sexy balaclava could work, but a sheer one would be wildly insufficient.

  2. I like the wristwatch over the sleeve. I enjoy a timepiece that makes a statement!
    I will never wear yellow due to my complexion, but I so like seeing other people wear it – so thank you.

  3. I wonder what my spirit animal is ….

    And yes, “sexy-sheer balaclava” did make me laugh! Always reading the fine print — I wonder if I, too, am anxious mouse.

  4. Could not make it through these New England winters without my turtlenecks. Very pretty way to show that one. Always have liked yellow.


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