It’s Back

Like many international businesses, Directrice Global Industries Ltd. and our parent company, DGI Inc., were held in abeyance while the Ever Given was blocking the Suez Canal.* That’s why I didn’t post last Monday.

In Washington D.C. we are heading into that most treacherous time of year, early spring, when the temperatures are still cool but one feels that one ought to be dressing for lighter, brighter days. Spring is always is always harder for me than early fall.
On this rainy day, when I have refused to venture off my front steps, I am doing just fine with only a long sleeved blouse and a camisole underneath it. I don’t think my top layer really counts.
Remember this fun thing? Its most recent appearance was in a series of short films from DGI Studio LLP.
Is it even a bustier? I don’t know

Raised well enough to know when I am not being a lady
As first seen in 2019, I am showing it with a blue and white striped shirt — but today, I am wearing a bandana print camisole as my base layer. I’ve left the shirt mostly unbuttoned so that the bandana print shows.
All of this is wasted on Zoom, of course. The only thing that might be visible in the Zoom frame is the neckline of the bustier, and my hand tugging it into place. Such a lady!

By leaving the shirt unbuttoned, I’ve created an effect a little like a robe a la francaise (or, from this perspective, a robe a l’anglaise). The bustier cinches the shirt and the open front allows the shirt to bell-out and reveal the camisole.
I said a little.
Obviously, I would be unrecognizable to a woman of the early 19th century . . . but I have charmed myself!
Some things we do for ourselves and ourselves only

Looking forward to seeing those who signed up for the Directorate Zoom on April 10th at 8:30 p.m. Eastern!
If you previously posted a comment indicating your interest in attending, I sent you an invitation at the end of last week. If you haven’t received it (check your Inbox and your spam/junk folder), please post a comment below. And please do email me your questions (if any) in advance.
The Portrait of Such a Lady

* Am I the only one who wondered what effect the Suez Canal blockage was having on the Somali pirates? Was it a boom (hiring fair!) or bust (government stimulus?) for them?

6 thoughts on “It’s Back”

  1. This is the weirdest time of year for dressing, for me also. Oregon’s temp during a full day fluctuates widely. DO I don a coat/scarf/sweater combo? Only to strip down when running to lunch? Then layer up again for homegoing? It’s confusing and tedious.

    I really love that “bustier over conservative clothing” look you wear. It’s special/whimsical and like my momma used to say, “Leaves something to the imagination.”

  2. Hooray for the bustier-over-blouse! You inspired me to try that, and I’m excited to dig those out along with other spring clothes (which I’ll wear until July, when San Francisco has its rainy, foggy, 50-degree winter-in-summer). And the open-robe element is marvelous; I sense a shopping-spree coming on… But more importantly, the short films! I nominate them for everything. I think I remember reading in another post that you don’t have full-length mirrors in your house; are the videos your workaround solution, or the reason for getting rid of mirrors? So clever!

    • I am glad that you enjoyed the films, Marie. Coming from someone who writes , produces, and teaches film/digital media that is high praise! In addition to being poignant character studies and micro-domestic dramas, the outfit videos are a workaround for the absence of a full-length mirror in this apartment. But I’ve actually realized over time that a video is better than a full-length mirror because it shows the outfit from every angle and in motion. Realism! Verite!

      • It really is genius. For years I’ve had Rob photograph my school outfits to make sure I don’t wear the same thing on the same day of the week, leading students to believe I only have one outfit (even if the outfit is different for each of the three classes). But the video-for-dressing is brilliant because I actually do move around a lot in class, including spinning around and reaching up to write on the dry-erase board, so I need to know how it’s all going to “travel” in action!


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