Blue Stripes with a Zinger

This one is really for the weekend because . . . I don’t know what I’m wearing.
But I like it!

Another frolic with CF Goldman, courtesy of the Barneys year-end (2018) sale.
It’s a bandeau

Google “bandeau tops” and you will see tops that are not tops
Wearing bandeau top over two other tops

I’ll answer the question; yes!
To give all credit to CF Goldman, she intended this bandeau to be worn over a blouse. It was a different blouse than the one I am wearing — calico, with a scoop neck.
But that gives me an idea! Wouldn’t this bandeau be cute with this floral blouse?

I also realized after trying this striped blouse over two different ivory camisoles that what it really needed was a bandana-print tank . . . which I, weirdly enough, do have. But for now, here are some closer shots of the bandeau. Directrice 360™.
Things I could not resist: calico
Graphic lines in black

Electric yellow, orange
And more calico

Up close, more things to love.
Hook-and-eye closures

Off to New Hampshire for the weekend, to visit Mere and Pere Directrice. And to pay my respects to the Red Sox.
I don’t care if they don’t win another game in 2019. Last year’s World Series set me up with a store of happiness that will sustain me for at least a couple of years. This is my favorite image even though it wasn’t the most important play.

In case you are wondering who my favorite sportswriter is, it’s Nick Greene of Slate. I read all of his columns, even for sports that I don’t follow . . . which is most of them.
Here are two of my favorite pieces: Diego Maradona’s Day in Pictures and Let’s Predict How LeBron James Will Finish Cooking the Raptors. This recent one is also great — and I don’t know anything about either of the players.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. That’s interesting. I can see why you bought it, the colors are great.
    Is it comfortable enough to wear without the shirt underneath? I could see myself wearing it under a denim shirt.


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