The Directrice Re-Presents: An Arresting White Blouse

  You may remember that a significant portion of Q1 2016 was devoted to the search for a white statement blouse, which led, ultimately, to the purchase of three statement blouses. Follow these links if you need to re-fresh your memory: Ghost; Pirate; Flounce. Have a fantastic weekend! I’ve been thinking about my New Year’s … Read more

The Beauty Routine

  The irony of being asked for the secrets of my beauty routine is profound. While I am good at picking out clothing, I am hopeless with hair and make-up. Totally hopeless. Therefore, I have boiled hair and make-up down to the essentials. I hope you won’t be too disappointed. So here is the daily … Read more

Over-the-Top Top

  I received an urgent email from Ursula in Cadiz two weeks ago, directing me to an interesting top at COS.   So unhip am I, I was unfamiliar with COS . . . which I know now is H&M’s high-end line. Is this a reverse-diffusion line? A concentration line? A top this voluminous (even … Read more

Brighter Than The Sun

  If only it were always sunny on Casual Friday. For days when the weather is not cooperating, or the sun is setting early, we can inject the sun through clever costuming. Have a fantastic weekend!   Jacket: RedValentino; Turtleneck: JCrew; Jeans: JCrew; Bag: Orla Kiely; Watch: Michele Urban with grosgrain band; How closely are … Read more

A Classic Sweater Dress

  Sweater dresses seem to be very in this year. I am a big fan of sweater dressing generally — see, e.g., Working in Pajamas and Sweater Dressing — but I did not own a sweater dress until very recently.

The Directrice Coming and Going

  The social contract! It binds us all and enables us to live in some approximation of civility if not harmony.   The social contract, like any Terms of Service, is a long (though incorporeal) agreement with many sections and paragraphs, but not all of them are equally important. For instance, Taking Care of the … Read more

Creature of Habit

  This post is my 250th! Is it fair to say that 250 posts is a body of work? An oeuvre? I think so. Perhaps this is a good time to spring for a Pop Quiz, to see what teachings have been distilled from all these photos and words.   HeRE iS thE PoP qUiZ. … Read more