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Last winter, I promised Best Vest and Second-Best Vest that they would be worn year-round.

This promise may have been inadequately considered.
I am wearing Second-Best Vest during the first week of June and it feels a little heavy. I don’t think I can take it deeper into summer, even with only a lightweight t-shirt underneath.
Note my sandals

Girl Scout thinks she’s walking on a cloud
But it’s cute today! Worn with ankle-length chinos, a short sleeved blouse, and rugged sport sandals, I look a little like a girl scout. The world’s oldest girl scout.
I saw these sport sandals featured on WhoWhatWear and ordered them from . . . wait for it . . . Urban Outfitters. They’re Skechers. They’re also hideo-marvelous.
Hear me now, believe me later: Never splurge-out on youth-oriented, trendy accessories. Prada is making sandals like these this year. What could be more absurd?

Last weekend, the Photographer and I were admiring the lush flowers planted around the large apartment buildings in our neighborhood. Neither of us could explain why one bush was flowering in different colors.
I know I could look it up on the Internet, but I’d rather hear about it from one of you.
The Photographer and I were content to wallow in our ignorance, but now we thirst for knowledge; can you explain?

I have worn the hideo-marvelous sandals to work, once on a travel day* and once when my ankles hurt.
I think there is a small chance that the sandals are making my ankles hurt — soft foot-bed = instability = extra work for the ligaments — but it’s hard to know. As a former dancer,** I know that there are several plausible explanations.
I wore the sandals, but I know that it wasn’t professional.
Ah, better; PRO-fessional mules

So here I am, wearing the same outfit with marginally more professional shoes: penny loafer style mules.

Much workier
Ever so much workier

Have a fantastic weekend!
Vest: Marissa Webb; Blouse: ASOS; Pants: JCrew; Grossly Unprofessional Footwear: Skechers; Marginally More Professional Footwear: JCrew
The awesome, undulating peplum

* I feel that no dress code applies when one appears at the office with a suitcase — even if you won’t be leaving the office until late afternoon.
** Years ago, in asking my doctor about joint pain in my feet I disclosed that I had studied ballet for years and danced en pointe. And then he said, “Well, as a former dancer, you . . .” Don’t remember the rest of what he said, because all I cared about was “former dancer.” Me! A former dancer!

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  1. Hydrangeas change color due to the pH of the soil. Maybe the composition of the soil is fluctuating greatly as the plant produces flowers, due to rain runoff or fertilizer additions by the landscapers?

    As someone who took ballet in elementary school, I agree with your doctor that anyone who danced en pointe is indeed a magical being unlike us mere mortals, and a real dancer.

  2. I kinda love that vest even more now.
    I also studied ballet, but I quit in 5th grade, and never made it to pointe. After that, it was jazz, modern, and then AEROBICS! And now I do NIA for exercise. Anyone else out there do NIA? It’s wonderful for former dancers.

    I also dance in a group of older women. So–former former dancer?

  3. Hear me now, believe me later. Mama?

    When I read that line, I could hear my mother’s voice in my head and laughed out loud. Thanks for that.

    That is definitely a come hither peplum from the back, Directrice. No Girl Scout ever looked so demurely subversive.

  4. Its interesting that you think the sandals could be making your foot hurt. I bought similar sandals that are Circus by Sam Edelman brand. After wearing them for a day I noticed my foot ached. Maybe its the style or lack of support.

    I do agree with you not to spend a large sum of money on trendy items. These sandals may last 1-2 years so they were not an expensive purchase. I am ok with that.

  5. The vest and the rest of your outfit is casual dressing with inventiveness. Surely you did not need a doctor to tell you what many pictures can testify to. Now as to the charming flowers, why not cross breeding as is being done with potatoes, carrots,and all manner of living things?

  6. Love the vest, but in the last picture, it looks the teensiest bit like the hem of your skirt got caught in the waistband, causing a wardrobe malfunction…

  7. My hydrangeas are doing that this year. A year ago I put a bunch of hydrangea bluing powder on the ground around the bush, which didn’t seem to make much of a difference then.

    It definitely is affecting the bush this year–beautifully! The powder supplies aluminum which brings out the blue. Nurseries carry it.

    I believe supplementing with iron instead will turn the blooms pink instead.


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