Old Dress, New Combination

A Post in Which We Prove that All the Greens Go Together.

Some of you may remember this dress from 2015 . . . when it was not new but was shown for the first time.
The Photographer and The Directrice disagreed over the color. He thought it was blue; She thought it was green. Over time, their positions are hardened.
Such a lady!

What is Such a Lady wearing around her neck?
The more important thing is that the color of this green dress reminds me of my favorite dress from childhood.
I readily admit that it is a blue-green with heavy yellow undertones.

Despite the yellow undertones in this dress, it looks good with the darker green necklace — which is a grey-green.
It is possible that the necklace also has yellow undertones; my understanding of color is not sophisticated enough to tell.
I have no idea

In this photo, I look like I’ve just seen someone perform a rolling stop and am getting ready to make a citizen’s arrest
Not only are we learning, here, that all greens go together, but that this necklace goes with everything.
Perhaps I will win The Directrice Challenge by wearing this necklace every day.

There was no requirement that I wear a different piece of jewelry every day . . . though I admit such a goal was implicit in the proposal.
Speaking of jewelry more broadly, I went to the Smithsonian Craft2Wear show at the National Building Museum on Friday. Imagine that enormous space filled with beautiful jewelry and textiles!* Just the pleasure of spending two hours looking at the works on display and chatting with the craftswomen who made them would have been time well spent, but I had the additional treat of meeting a chic Directrice reader (Andrea, carrying a beautiful Marni trunk bag with a really interesting embroidered (I think?) strap) who introduced herself to me.** I didn’t think things could be more pleasing — and then RBG appeared, sending (I am not kidding) a jolt of electricity through the assembly.+
Here, the social contract seems to be working again

I bought a few things at the show, which will be featured in future posts, but wanted to draw your attention to a few of the jewelry-makers I met, so please look at the links below.
Back to the necklace, which is looped and tied a little differently today: Here you go, take a look!
O.K.; let’s do this

In order to really see what’s going on, you need to lean in.
Do you see what I mean?

Here are some of the works that I was particularly excited about.
Allison Hilton Jones, Q Brooch

Dress: Diane Von Fustenberg; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Shoes: Tory Burch
* If you were just scanning the crowd at Craft2Wear and didn’t know why it had gathered, you might have imagined that it was a competitive eye-wear event. The concentration of excellent specs was very dense.
** If you ever see me out and about, please do say hello!
+ RBG was among kindred spirits, to be certain. She had two secret service officers with her, for which I was very glad — even though they prevented me from approaching her (which I would have liked) and saying something heartfelt, but stupid (it’s all for the best). She is as petite in person as she looks in photos. I like the idea of two big fellows clearing a path for her.

12 thoughts on “Old Dress, New Combination”

  1. I have gone to the Craft2Wear Show in the past – it is exquisite! How did you limit your time there to only two hours!?!? Other readers – I had the pleasure of a Directrice sighting this weekend in VA………and like RBG, who lives up to her photos and media images – the Directrice, in person, is as warm and charming as she is in her blog (same is true for the Photographer)!

  2. When you read a blog based in DC in order to discover an artist in your own midwestern town of St. Louis. Love the Melissa Schmidt piece and her Etsy shop is clearly going to be dangerous for me.

    • It is funny, Ericka. You should send Melissa Schmidt an email and let her know! I am sure she would be delighted to hear some appreciation for her work and that you found it through this blog. (I chatted with her, but did not give her my card or tell her about The Directrice.) You could probably visit her studio space.

  3. I still say it’s blue. But in the aftermath of The Dress (which now has its own Wikipedia entry at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress), we all must be humble and tolerant and respect one other’s opinions.

    But I’m confused about you saying it has yellow undertones. Yellow?? My dear Directrice, are you messing with me?

  4. Craft2Wear is such a beautiful event. And Allison Hilton Jones’s work is so wonderful! I bought a necklace from her this summer, and it is such fun to wear.

  5. I’d call this dress a muted teal colour, meaning it’s smack-bang between blue and green so you and your husband can both be correct. On my screen, the necklace is a greyed-olive colour, also with yellow undertones. Whatever the labels, the colours look utterly fabulous on you.

  6. The dress is definitely a blue green, and the necklace is brown with some gray tones.
    Seeing RBG in person is fabulous! I’m reading her book, My Own Words, now.

  7. I liked that the dress, bag and shoes look very conservative. Then my eyes travel to the necklace that looks a little messy. The combination if lovely.


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