The Directrice Has A Type!

Do you find that you gravitate to particular garments again and again? Have you ever realized that you could outfit a bridal party in sleeveless black dresses (or smart grey jackets) if bridal parties wore business casual?
I have.

Sometimes I chastize myself over this tendency to return to type. But generally I feel that life is too short to scold oneself over minor peccadilloes. Thusly, I cannot feel too badly about buying this 3.1 Phillip Lim top.

Even though it looks a lot like a sweater vest that I already own.
New top
Old sweater; I look suspicious in this photo from 2015, like I expected this day to come

Importantly, they are not identical! The new top is a light weight wool challis and can be worn under a jacket. The old sweater is satisfyingly thick and substantial, but doesn’t fit under anything.
Plus, what's done is done; life is too short for recriminations
Plus, what’s done is done; life is too short for recriminations

See how charming
I would rate this a Hiddlestonian level of charm,* but you must make your own assessment
How charming is this faux-wrap, fringed top?
For those who wonder what’s going on, I am wearing it over a tissue-weight turtleneck from JCrew.

For those who are wondering where we (you, The Photographer and I) are, WE are in the foyer.
The Photographer thought we should change the background lest any of you are feeling stir-crazy on account of cold and dark weather.
See me in the mirror
A change of scenery; see me in the mirror

Harper and Posy leave Gravity and Inertia unattended briefly to investigate something new
Harper and Posy leave Gravity and Inertia unattended briefly to investigate something new
In order to illuminate me (and, more importantly, my clothes), The Photographer set up a clamp light on the floor with an umbrella to diffuse the glare from the lamp.
Harper and Posy heard activity and immediately came to investigate. Both stared directly at the exposed bulb.
Cats: Prized for their beauty and company — not for common sense.

Back to business! I’ll show you more of the top.
One side
From one side; note dangling fringe
Best part: fringe!
Best part: fringe!

You may remember these pants from 2015? I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I bought them and thought the tuxedo stripe running down the side was satin. The stripe is leather. This misapprehension suggests not simply a problem with my vision but a problem with my sense of touch.
Lesson: I bought something cooler than I intended when deprived of senses. Good news: It has been successfully drycleaned.
My pants with stowaway leather stripe
Stowaway leather stripe

It might be difficult to see this feature, but the neckline is cut straight across the collarbone and drapes into an elegant cowl. Perhaps if you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will be able to see this.
Cowl neckline
Ultra-discreet cowl neckline

Allow me to help. I will demonstrate the cowl, like so:
The neckline drapes elegantly and compactly when I am not tugging it.
Directrice demonstrates cowl
Directrice demonstrates cowl

APPLAUSE for The Photographer for such a fun set of pictures.
And now the best photo of the day: Posy demurs an invitation to be photographed with me.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Posy turns into a liquid when she wants to escape
Posy turns into a liquid when she wants to escape

Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Turtleneck: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Watch: Michele
* Night Manager Hiddleston. Not Gathering Storm Hiddleston.

13 thoughts on “The Directrice Has A Type!”

  1. But of course a person gravitates to similar garments if she already knows what works for her shape and style. Some days anything else is just a distraction. And speaking of distraction, cute top, but LOVE the mixed pattern and print in the backdrop.

    • Thank you! I am thinking of adding patterned wallpaper to the mix — although I would swap out the patterned table cloth for a solid one if I made that larger change. Will advise readers if I make the leap.

  2. I think “a type” another way of saying “signature style” — which you have in spades! To my eye, it’s kind of a steampunk Audrey Hepburn balanced with a little lawyerly restraint and common sense. Love this look, though would like to be able to investigate the details of the top on a different background than another black shirt, which makes it hard to distinguish.
    Ah cats and black clothes — how do you manage that conundrum?

  3. ^^ “Steampunk Audrey Hepburn with lawyerly restraint and common sense.” I second that. Steampunk Audrey Hepburn should be one of your spirit animals.

    • I did just get a haircut — perhaps a little shorter than usual. Glad you like it; I am not totally sure. I’ve always thought of myself as a person with a short bob, but this cut is definitely short.

  4. The top and pants are a winner plus the neckline is pretty as shown. Can it be worn sleeveless with white pants? I’ll bet it will have more than one incarnation and make the purchase doubly wise. Looks lovely and interesting. Kate

  5. That leather tuxedo stripe is quietly subversive… also the fringe. I’m telling you, the way you get away with pizazz is commendable!

  6. I think having a type or style is the way to build a wardrobe that works. You like black layering tops, you’ve got one that doesn’t need a jacket, another that it a little lighter and will go under a jacket. When you live someplace with long transitional seasons, it appears we might be going into early Spring soon, then you can swap out the heavier element for the lighter one and move into the new season without a major upheaval. Myself I’ve got a heavy white wool sweater, a lighter white wool sweater, a heavy white cotton sweater, a light white cotton sweater, and a light white silk sweater. Too many white sweaters? No way.

    How about a quirky pin or brooch on that cowl neckline?

  7. The foyer is so bright and inviting. The photographer has done very well with the lighting. I like the top especially with the brown pants,but I would like to see the top worn over a contrasting color. Posey looks like a fur piece.


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