I feel compelled to remind you periodically — and you may feel that I remind you frequently — that I do not have an endless wardrobe.

Isn’t it instructive, even life-affirming, to see me re-wear things?
I think it is. But whether it is or isn’t, it’s happening.
This is happening

Old outfit, new pieces; technically, the new pieces are old . . . this is getting very confusing
It’s hard to say what is the greater source of satisfaction: creating an entirely new outfit from old pieces or recreating an old outfit with new pieces.
You may remember this jacket and trousers from 2016. I wore them then with a printed red top. Today, I am wearing them with a white band-collared blouse and a red taffeta camisole.
The previous red top was a bluer red, a beautiful color. This camisole is an orange fiery red, which is really appealing to me right now. It looks like a flame.

An unexpected benefit of wearing the white blouse as a base layer is that it is protecting the back of my neck from the coarse fabric of the jacket, which is a little scratchy.
Reasonable minds could wonder why I was wearing a slightly scratchy jacket in the first place. Fair enough. But now it’s a win-win.
Why? Clearly I wore the slightly scratchy jacket because it’s chic and I am foolish

For those who want to see the layering with their own two eyes, I have included a shot with the jacket undone. I would not wear the jacket undone, however.
Textile geologists, gather round and analyze the layers

The main event
This background is merely prelude to the main event: the brooch.

This brooch is another consignment find.
I love its essential contradictions: it’s utilitarian and glamorous, simple and complex, comprehensible and absurd.
Little pin, you make me laugh

I’ve been wearing this pin a lot. It adds a delightful note to almost any business ensemble.
Is it for real or a prank?

Friends: A word of warning. I am having increasing difficulty formatting these posts, which suggests to me that I am overdue for many WordPress/plug-in updates. I fear that when I attempt to bring the backend of the site up-to-date, the whole thing may collapse. Thus, I am warning you now that I may involuntarily go off-line for a few days. Cross your fingers.

Jacket: Dondup; Blouse, Camisole, Pants: JCrew; Brooch: Sonia Rykiel from The RealReal; Bag: Coach; Shoes: Taryn Rose

7 thoughts on “Pinned”

  1. I love everything about this outfit! So many interesting details, yet still understated. I instantly suspected the colour of the camisole to be J.Crew’s Bright Cerise, a chameleon colour that seems to pair well with almost anything. I love the brooch, you have described it perfectly.

  2. I’m glad you found a way to mitigate the itchiness of the jacket because it is absolutely fabulous. I love the whole outfit and I can’t believe you found that pin at a consignment store.


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