The White Shirtdress

Last summer I bought a white shirtdress and then decided it was unwearable. Having had additional months to think about it, I have decided that it is wearable . . . just not as I had originally imagined.

I think it goes without saying that I was never going to try to carry this off with the peep-toe go-go boots and short-shorts, much as I do truly admire the look.
What is the most disqualifying element of this ensemble?
This was not happening for me

full length front
A little advanced, but authentically so
Here is my version.

Dress over cropped denim. With a floral camisole underneath.
full lenght
The Photographer labelled these photos “Princess Leia Blouse”
not bad
It’s a dress, not a blouse, but I can understand how that line has become blurry for him

Perhaps this dress is a robe more than anything. Robes are very in right now. I find that ridiculous.
holding skirt

a little pregnant
Appearing a little pregnant
In profile, that unilateral tie at the waist is asserting itself. Note the slash across the torso; you can see the floral camisole underneath.

A few details:
cuff bag
Tie at the cuff
cuff cuff
Not sure who will be ironing these ties and cuffs

After much agonizing, I have decided that I really like this shirtdress.
But now I am wondering how it will be laundered. Who is going to maintain these elaborate, crisp cuffs? Will the drycleaner understand? These photos may come in handy.
side slash
I don’t see myself ironing this dress

This sash is threaded through a slit in the dress and knotted. I haven’t quite figured out how to tie it.
Tying this sash would be easier if it had two loose ends, but it does not

A short (shortish) jacket looks best over a shirtdress like this. A longer coat would just be bulky.
with jacket
A smart, abbreviated trench coat

With Frere Directrice
Two horribly immature people
Here I am with my brother, who is in Washington for a conference. We asked The Photographer to take our photo next to an unattractive gas meter. He assumed we were kidding and cropped the meter out of the frame, but we were totally serious. We are immature people who are amused by ugly things showing up in the background of family portraits.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Shirtdress: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Floral camisole: Vince: Jeans: JCrew; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Barbara Bui; Jacket: Brooks Brothers

7 thoughts on “The White Shirtdress”

    • He thinks it is a critical news source for people who want to stay informed about current/world events. He also thinks that it is funny.

  1. I admire your willingness to do wide, long, bowed, and otherwise weird long sleeves. I don’t like to have my wrists covered. It makes me feel trapped – that’s weird, don’t you think? Also, I am bothered when things might get wet while washing my hands. No kimono for me, ever.

    This dress is a hoot.

  2. I’m digging these yellow handbags lately – thank you!

    Also, this shirtdress almost looks priestly… you are The Sartorial Priestess!!!

  3. Love the dress, not the cami which looks twee under this austere construction. The Bauhaus/ Frank Lloyd-Wright vibe needs something a bit more muscular – a bold plain colour? Plus perhaps some upper unbuttoning to give top and midriff flashes. Otherwise the midriff perhaps looks accidental. It will be good with a range of pant or tight combos. Athleisure pairings next time?

  4. It would look very zen over white tights. I do love white in clothing especially. Love the purse and your brother is very cool. Enjoy his visit.. Kate


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