Now We Are Forty-Six!

Today is my birthday and I am 46!
For any younger women reading this blog, let me assure you that good things come with age and that your 40s will be a terrific decade. Just be certain to wear sunblock while you wait for the wisdom and confidence that come with experience.

I bought this jersey and satin top a couple of years ago (2013?) and it remains a favorite. The peplum is so divinely full — six panels, bias-cut — it almost feels like a little skater’s dress.
The craftsmanship is also very fine; it could almost be worn inside out, so beautifully is it finished. You know I dig that.
I said like a skater’s dress, but clearly not actually a dress because it doesn’t cover my bottom

Apparently, this stripe is made of leather
Apparently, this stripe is made of leather
One of the downsides of aging is that my vision has abruptly gone from 20/20 to . . . something else. I need reading glasses now and send the most alarming emails and texts from my iPhone if I am not wearing them.
I bought these pants thinking that the tuxedo stripe down the side was satin, but found when I got them home that it was leather. You could fairly ask why I didn’t try them on or at least touch them before buying them. I have no good answer.
I must admit that the leather detail is very cool and adds a little unexpected edge.

But back to the plus-side of the ledger! Age has given me the moxie to wear this bizarre necklace, and the dignity to carry it off. I think.
For those who haven’t read my thoughts on the power and the glory of The Conversation-Stopping Necklace, you may enjoy this earlier post.
Definitely a conversation-stopper, don't you think?
Definitely a conversation-stopper, don’t you think?

Don’t be shy. Come a little closer.
Feel the power
Feel the power; my husband thinks this necklace is a little scary

I spied this necklace while walking around Piazzo Tasso in Sorrento, Italy. I spied it from a distance of at least 20 feet, across a busy street, while walking briskly. That’s what I call arresting.

Top: Julie Haus; Pants: JCrew Campbell; Necklace: Mimimimosa Pizzo; Shoes: French Sole New York

29 thoughts on “Now We Are Forty-Six!”

  1. Happy birthday! One good thing about needing glasses to read is that it’s another accessory. (As long as you don’t wear them on a chain around your neck!) I love that necklace. Have a wonderful day!

  2. happy birthday!! no way are you 46. impossible!

    great top and amazing necklace. love a showstopping piece of jewelry, especially one bought on vacation that instantly stirs up lovely memories every time you wear it. i hope you have a beautiful, well dressed year 🙂

  3. Felicidades! Love the leather stripe and the whole ensemble. The necklace also can be utilized as a blunt instrument for self defense. So much more practical than a silly diamond pendant, which has no use other than being sparkly.

  4. Happy Birthday, and I LOVE a great statement necklace! Great color combo too.
    I am an avid reader, but rarely make a comment. But, of course, Happy Birthday wishes trump all. Hope it’s a festive and fun day for you and the family!

  5. I’m with Betsy — the husband-scaring, show-stopping necklace is attractive for so many reasons. (I think this cartoon applies to the pockets dress as well.)

    Looking forward to another year of being inspired by the Directrice! Thank you for setting a wonderful example for women: adding another year does not require giving up a sense of style — or humor. Happy birthday!

  6. You look lovely, of course you have the dignity to carry it off! Happy Birthday! I wish I could follow your advice on sunscreen but I haven’t found one that doesn’t clog pores, so do tell us about yours. In the meantime, I’ll continue to wear a hat for all but the briefest trips outside.

    • Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry-Touch is what I wear. I get it at CVS. I also wear a tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier most days, which includes a modest SPF.

  7. I *do* find it scary, but Betsy’s comment made me reflect that like Wonder Woman’s bracelets it could deflect bullets, not to mention confuse and intimidate opposing counsel. I was with her in Piazza Tasso, and I can say that she saw it from *more* than twenty feet away. We were walking fast on the other side of the street and she crossed the road and zeroed in on it. Happy birthday, dear!

    • As my grandmother used to tell my father when he thought that something the fashionista women of our family wore was “a bit much” or “scary” — “Have another drink. You’ll think we’re fabulous in no time.” Then again, that WAS her cure for anything one complained about. 😉

  8. Happy birthday and that outfit is so clever. The proportions on all of it just work. The side view shows that even the architecture of your hair fits the shapes. Some things are meant to be….Kate

  9. Happy birthday, Directrice!

    I love the details of your outfit today — the necklace, the leather stripe on the pants, the shiny finish on the shoes. They all harmonize so wonderfully.

    And I like your description of your peplum blouse, which I’m going to take as a metaphor for being in one’s forties: one is fully fashioned and beautifully constructed, inside and out. Cheers!

    • Hi Nicky — It’s 1/4″ thick, which may not sound like much, but it has visual depth. It’s made of acrylic and weighs nothing. The ties are ultra suede.

  10. Feliz Cumpleaños! Belatedly; but the post is slower from southern Spain 😉

    Here’s to another year of your fabulous style and hugely enjoyable writing – erm, well that’s our present sorted anyway: please accept the compliment as yours.

  11. Happy Belated! We’re just the same age, as I turned 46 on November 5. I also celebrated by wearing a lovely (new) outfit and a (not new) show-stopping necklace. Cheers!


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