The Woman in White Strikes Back

As I mentioned in a recent post, one of my old summer dresses struck me as too short when I tried it on this spring. This one. So it shall be retired.

I went back to the source (JCrew!) to look for another white dress and found this charming one:
Finding this dress was easier than taking candy from a baby

I would never take candy from a baby . . . unless the candy looked like a choking hazard

I wasn’t sure, at first glance, that this geometric eyelet would work, but it quickly grew on me.
I was also concerned about the unlined yoke, but after trying the dress on and wearing it to work, I think that it provides adequate coverage for the workplace.

Having established that this dress is charming and appropriate for work, this post now becomes a free advertisement (earned media) for JCrew. The dress comes in three colors — poppy red, white, and navy blue — and regular and petite sizing. And it’s on sale: 30% off right now.
I hope it provided adequate coverage; transparent clothes are expressly verboten in my firm’s dress code

While everything goes with white, I tend to wear it with red or navy. For a change, I thought emerald green would be crisp and pretty.
Still mulling the question of adequate coverage; my firm’s summer dress code was circulated this week and it is very confusing

Some would argue that ambiguity is opportunity
The summer dress code includes a prohibition on pants — by any name including, but not limited to, capris, pedal pushers, and clam diggers (the list is long) — that fall above the _____________. There is a missing word. I assume the missing word is “knee” but I’ll never ask. I don’t want to know. Surely it’s not “ankle”?

This bag holds a lot: wallet, phone, sunglasses, two pairs of reading glasses, 20 pens (because 19 of them might run dry at the same time), band-aids, tissues, earbuds, chargers, atlas, cosmetics, can opener.
Atlas? Can opener? That was a test!

I love these flats, yet hardly ever wear them. They don’t go with everything, but they probably could go with much more than I’ve attempted. For instance, they would look very cute with these khakis and this top.
Crouching Tigers HEART that idea

Many cute dresses on the JCrew website! Try this sleeveless denim one (for the weekend or maybe Casual Friday) or this paisley floral (with a jacket in the office).
Have a fantastic weekend!
Dress: JCrew All-over Eyelet Dress; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Coach; Watch: Michele Serein 16

6 thoughts on “The Woman in White Strikes Back”

  1. Love! You look even better in this dress than the model at the J Crew website.

    I notice they’ve filed this dress under “day” rather than “wear to work.” (What’s the difference? Don’t most people go to the office during the day?)


    I was wondering if you have insights into the current trend of sleeveless dresses with flaps over one’s shoulders, as seen in J Crew’s “wear to work” section. What is the point?

  2. I wonder if the dress code author was struggling to come up with the appropriate body part! Pants above the ankle are firmly ensconced in professional wear at my office, so “ankle” is surely out, yet “knee” seems incorrect too… since the listed/prohibited garments all have below-knee lengths (at least I have never heard of “capri” referring to above-the-knee, that being firmly in “shorts” region, whether Bermuda or otherwise). Perhaps “mid calf” is the appropriate line of demarcation? Ah, the joys of contract interpretation and how they are impossible to turn off…

  3. It looks appropriate and charming same time. The purse and shoes add interest and look so clever. You’re ready for work and intense heat in your summer temps. Looks pretty on you.


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