Grunge Revival

An alternative title for this post is “Return of the Accordion Slip Dress.”

I promised I would show it again, styled in a couple of different ways.
Here we are.
While I did not go with full-on combat boots (only because I don’t own a pair), wearing this dress with my granny boots recalls grunge style.
Smells Like Teen Spirit, wouldn’t you agree?
I know my best friend is reading this and saying, What are talking about? Have you lost your mind?

It’s in the spirit of
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Listen, no one is going to look at me and think I’ve just come in from a stint of living rough to follow my favorite band through the Pacific Northwest. I know that.
I am modifying the grunge look for a law firm partner. In Washington D.C. It can be done!

How am I achieving this extraordinary feat?
I am wearing a light weight, merino wool stretchy turtleneck (companion, actually, to this cardigan), a black slip under the dress, the Kick-A$$ belt, and boots. To add a little drab excitement, I’ve added a small bucket bag in maroon suede. It’s not red, it’s not crimson.
Can be done? I just did it

I think this pairing is fresh. Remember: I vowed NOT to wear a slip dress over a tee shirt because that is too 90s for me.
Poised to vape in 2019

A small detail today. The watch looks pretty over the cuff of my sweater.
Fancy Watch Over Cuff is particular evidence that I am not living rough

Perhaps it is a mistake to show too much material in one post?
But wait! There’s more!
Switching gears to — I don’t know, Elizabethan England? — here is another look for the slip dress.
Black tights with this particular ensemble might look better, but I was too busy to do so. The Photographer and I were in the middle of a holiday weekend speed shoot.

I found this Tibi blouse at an end-of-year (2018) sale. It’s off-white with black and gold metallic pinstripes.
The voluminous sleeves are so delightful and despite their distinctive shape, I actually think the blouse will be versatile. I’ve already used it in another post, which will be revealed next week.
Don’t blame me when the well runs dry

Come closer and take a better look. The stripes work well with the pleats.
Gentle shirring at neckline; so ladylike
Delicious puffs

Slip dress: Vince; Turtleneck sweater: JCrew; Blouse: Tibi; Red bag: Jerome Dreyfuss; Black bag: Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag; Boots: 8 from YOOX; Watch: Michele; Belt: Philopsophy di Alberta Ferretti

9 thoughts on “Grunge Revival”

  1. On this very day I’m wearing a black accordion sleeveless dress, layered with a belt, a shirt underneath and a jacket on top — with my own kick-a$$ Frye boots. I must have been channeling The Directrice this morning! (Love your voluminous pinstripe sleeves. You look very muscular.)

  2. Lovely!!! I did this look here in our Australian summer with a khaki tee shirt, black slip dress and black plaited belt and sandals. These looks are really pretty. My favourite is the second with the striped Elizabethan blouse. You look great. It’s funny that this look was around when we were younger and now it’s back but we can wear it again as older women and arguably look even better in it again than we did back then, and better and more interesting than younger women who missed it the first time around because of course not having been conceived yet. This is perhaps a very new fashion phenomenon?


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