More Black and Blue and White

I try occasionally to move outside my comfort zone.

I rarely wear blue, but this color seemed very compelling to me, and I loved the contrast seaming. Plus, it’s cotton velvet. Very soft.
Outside comfort zone, looking for the entrance
Outside comfort zone, looking for the entrance

That heap in the background is my bag, not trash
That heap in the background is my bag, not trash
It can’t all be classic jackets, can it? I bought this on-line and thought the white was shearling trim, but it turns out to be exposed, frayed seams. Regardless, I like the graphic effect.

But wait, there’s more. The back is a different fabric than the front!
Huh; fancy that
Huh; fancy that

I’ve always had a soft spot for harlequins! But do I want to dress like one?
Now I am thinking of The Nutcraker, which leads to thoughts of . . .
Many years ago, I crossed paths with Mikhail Baryshnikov in one of the foyers at the Kennedy Center. He was wearing a tuxedo and radiating charisma.

Back to business!
This jacket is pretty boxy. You are seeing it after I had the tailor add darts to the back, which provide a modest amount of shape . . . but not much.
I must say this boxy jacket is very comfortable

Is it working for me? Is it working for work? I don’t know. But I have a feeling that someday inspiration will strike and I will find the perfect time and place for this jacket. Until then, I have a very cozy jacket to throw on when I want a little bright color. Maybe I’ll try it with jeans. Perhaps I will wear it on the weekend with yoga pants and sneakers instead of a denim jacket.
A purpose will be revealed

Jacket: Love Moschino; Blouse: JCrew; Pants: JCrew; Boots: 8; Bag: Kate Spade

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  1. I think it’s fun and I love the frayed seams. Would like to see a little more open, perhaps over a light color T-shirt, with jeans. To me, this is not a work jacket. This is a fun jacket!


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