The Virtues of Denim

For a long period of time — 1988-2007 — I didn’t really wear jeans.* But I’ve always worn a lot of denim.

Every wardrobe should include: a denim shirt, a denim skirt, a denim jacket, and a denim dress. It’s not crazy to have two denim dresses. Or two denim jackets.
Chambray counts!
A denim dress for summer

Denim with a twist!
Behold the clever denim dress — have just remembered that I own three — for summer. Sleeveless, mid-weight, with a dip-bleached hem.

This color blocked hem ought to make me look stumpy, but it doesn’t. Perhaps the platform sandals are helping. Perhaps my pale legs, indistinguishable from bleached cloth, are creating a long look.
I feel like one ought to be able to make a dress like this at home, by dipping a denim dress in a bucket of bleach. Very carefully. In the driveway. Do you think that would work?
The apparition in profile

The most devoted among you (or those with the best memories) may remember that I showed this dress long ago in one of my earliest posts.
I think it looks better with these platform sandals than it looked with my flat sandals, even though both pairs are very cool.
Also, take note of my remarkably consistent haircut.
Fitted bodice and tight waist give this dress its great shape; tiny collar is also charming

Whilst The Photographer adjusted his settings, I struck a serious of ridiculous poses. The things I do to entertain him!
Dress: YMC; Sandals: Wonders; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
This is an unusually ludicrous photo; the things I do to entertain you!

* It took the convergence of two major events — the advent of low-rise pants AND the resurrection of stretch denim — to win me over. Low-rise + stretch = comfortable jeans.

6 thoughts on “The Virtues of Denim”

  1. Looks great and your pose is worth a lot in terms of high drama in court. Keep that one handy when jurors might be looking drowsy. Love high drama!

  2. Love the denim dress! I have all the denim items on your list—in multiples in some cases. I have been wearing jeans since I was a teenager, oh so many moons ago, but the momentary domination of low-rise jeans on the market a few years ago had me in a panic. Possessed of a v e r y long rise, I suddenly became arrestable. An 8” rise put me in the danger zone, leading to long layers on top. Seven inches? Indecent exposure, and an invitation to the local precinct. I am tickled pink at the current availability of high rises to choose from, and have bought heavily, knowing the tide always turns.

    • Kate T — Although I am not competent to represent a criminal defendant, I can post bail if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law — so keep Harper’s email address handy! I hate to ever be at odds w/ a reader, but fear that you and I are hoping for different trends regarding denim. As a short person with a short rise, I benefited from years of the low-rise trend (for me, normal pants) and am now at sea. The high-waisted jeans are fitting me very strangely. When I sit in them, a bubble appears over my crotch! But we can agree on everything else in the universe, yes?

  3. Besides the denim dress, that is beautiful in its different appearance to all the other denim dresses that are out there, I simply love the picture of the birds starting to fly away. Dreamy!


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