Acid Lemon Drop

We’ve passed the autumnal equinox and find ourselves in a tight spot here in D.C. After a cool (wonderful) summer, it’s really hot.

I thought there was supposed to be “a thing to every season”?
Intense color may be a way to camouflage seasonal confusion.
No camera can capture the
Pay no attention to my bare arms! It’s fall!

Are you talking to me?
I am ready for your compliment
It’s hard to convey how yellow this top is. It’s electric lemon yellow woven from a shiny satin and shot with gold threads.
To try to capture what the human eye sees, The Photographer used a new, high-speed setting for his flash.
The top is kind of blinding. But I will tell you, every time I wear it, strangers on the street give me compliments.

It could be that they are giving me compliments to cover a gaffe, like pointing or staring — remember the nice lady at the Kennedy Center last summer, who approached like she was going to help me pull the Saran Wrap off my dress? — but I don’t think so.
People aren’t laughing at me
side looking forward
Or, I know when people are laughing at me

I think you are going to have to come a little closer to take this in.
I promise: The experience will be purely visual. Even though it looks very powerful —
possibly radioactive — the top cannot hurt you.
Note: It can’t hurt you. I must confess: I rarely wear something uncomfortable, but this unearthly fabric is kind of scratchy. Perhaps I should have a lining made.
Perhaps if you come closer
Come closer, don’t be afraid; if I can wear it, surely you can witness it

Remember: nothing ventured, nothing gained
Are you feeling it? Whoops! I mean: Are you seeing it?

The neckline is shirred elegantly.
closer neckline
A model of elegance

The shape is contoured with a little self-tie, which I have tied in a restrained square knot.
closer tie
The picture of restraint

with fringey cardi
The cardigan is guardian and savior
Obviously, a jacket or cardigan is needed in case the air-conditioning is still going at the office. (For those wondering, the a/c is still going full blast at my office . . . as it was all summer. I wish it would stop soon.) A topper of some sort is useful, as well, if one realizes that the intensity of one’s top needs to be meted out in small quantities.
I have the perfect thing: The fabulous fringe cardigan. This was last seen (by you) with the hideo-marvelous™ tunic. The cardigan seems to have a special purpose.

Top: Tory Burch; Cardigan: Nanette Lepore; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: Coach; Bag: Coach; Watch: Michele Serein 16

10 thoughts on “Acid Lemon Drop”

    • You will spoil me, Laurie, and make me vain! For the benefit of other readers: Laurie is one-third of the trio Red Molly that played at The Birchmere. Seeing her was the highlight of my weekend and it is she — former management consultant turned professional singer — who is the inspiration.

  1. I love the cut of this top – it’s so flattering. Now if only the fabric were soft and comfy to wear… it may be worth the lining…

  2. I just love acid yellow (see our Australian nail polish Kester Black’s ‘acid’ colour) and grey and black together. So energising! If the top feels scratchy, why not try a camisole underneath? Uniqlo make great ones, Heatech for winter and Airism for summer. Woe betide the wearer who mixes these camisoles up in an early morning wardrobe accident, as they do their job.

  3. This is a nice winter yellow. Saturated and cool toned for people who can’t do the sunny yellows. Kind of like a visual whiskey sour.

    Short answer to your question: Yes this is a good top on you 🙂


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