Missing You Already


The pants are back, almost as soon as they were gone.
It’s been so long since I tucked a blouse or top in. Doing so feels refreshing.
You can’t say you weren’t warned; I told you I love these pants

Surely no one is complaining about a second pants viewing
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For a weekend movie, I thought a striped tee would do.
But for bonus points, I added a leopard print belt.
Off to the movies

These clever pants have two sets of belt loops. Tall loops for wide belts and, hidden underneath the tall loops, short loops for skinny belts so that the belt stays centered on the waistband.
Clever, clever belt loops

Little jacket
I thought the theater might be cold, so I tossed a little jacket in my bag.

This jacket sat in my YOOX Dreambox for at least a year while I waited for the price to come down. It dropped from $759 (madness) to $158 (final sale).
From the picture, I expected a wool knit like a sweater, but it’s more like a stiff twill.
I look pregnant

We’ve previously discussed the virtues of short-sleeved jackets, so I don’t feel compelled to go through all of that again today. Instead, I will direct you to look back.
Past term!

The Directrice contemplating her three very different jackets
I will, however, point out some of the details on this jacket so that you will understand that it is very, very different from this short-sleeved black jacket. And from this one.

These sleeves are distinctive. I am not sure that they are the most flattering to my arms, but I think they work.
What I love about the jacket is the length and the swingy silhouette.
Sleeve of Uncertainty

Gaudy Button
I was uncertain about these gaudy buttons upon first look, but have now decided that they are kind of fabulous. Hideo-marvelous, as they say.*

This button is so shiny that it is reflecting The Photographer’s image.
Is it a button, or a miniature security camera?

Have a fantastic weekend!
Jacket: Marni from YOOX: Pants, belt, t-shirt, and shoes from JCrew
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* They say? I say. I coined the word m’self.

17 thoughts on “Missing You Already”

  1. This is my silhouette, so glad to see the Directrice rocking it! I love the energy and vibrancy of how wide-legged pants move when striding along. It makes me feel like Ms. Phryne Fisher. I’d seen the Point Sur pants but hesitated to buy them because I’ve found that pants with elastic in the material don’t swoosh satisfactorily. Directrice — did these pants give you confident swoosh when you strode into the theater?

    • The Point Sur pants FLAP, which — I will assert — is an equally satisfying sound and sensation! I kind of feel like a tall ship at sea. Do you think they will make the Miss Fisher movie? Or is that a lost dream?

  2. I’m so glad you posted about the other two short sleeved jackets you own, because I’m just now feeling a little guilt over purchasing two jackety-sweatery things. So, you have absolved me! And also inspired me–I bought these two because they are a bit unusual looking, at least for me. I’m taking a side step out of my comfort zone.

    Love the look, too!

  3. The jacket rolls my socks up and down. I get very excited about buttons that are crafted to try for dominance. Without them, the jacket would lose its voice. The whole outfit would be worn often in my closet.

  4. I love this blog, since finding it about three months ago I’ve devoured the archives. I now find myself looking at my closet, half-dressed, thinking “what would the directrice do?” and have consequently stepped up my style (at least I think). I do have a question for you – how do you keep things in your bags organized? I was monogamous with one purse for years, but have loved it entirely to death, and just bought a new one. I transferred everything over, and found myself wondering how you keep track of what goes where, and which things you need in a particular bag, since you switch so often?

    • OOhh, good question. My fantasy is to have a dedicated drawer in my gorgeous mudroom (this is a fantasy, by the way), where I can dump my purse contents. Then I can quickly change bags. Otherwise, I’m always missing something when I switch from bag to bag. I used to only carry one bag, a messenger bag, everywhere. That was great, so secure. I always had everything I needed, plus a lot lot lot more. Nowadays, though, I have more bags and want to keep them circulating. Now I’m constantly missing that lipstick I left in the other bag, or my mini notebook, or whatever. It’s annoying.

    • Welcome Candidate! So glad you are enjoying the blog. When you ask WWTDD, do you actually hear me answering? Do I sound like the elocution instructor from Singing in the Rain? ROUND tones, ROUND tones. The way that I find it easiest to switch bags is by equipping all bags with certain supplies (pens, business cards, tissues) and having a small set of things that get transferred from bag to bag (wallet, glasses, sunglasses, zippered makeup pouch, zippered “heath and safety” pouch). The two pouches are essential to order. In the makeup pouch, I carry a couple of lipsticks, an emery board, a nail clipper, a pair of nail scissors, an eyelash curler, mascara and one of those teeny-tiny sewing kits that’s the size of a matchbox. In the health&safety pouch I carry a small assortment of feminine hygiene products, a few band-aids, a few safety pins, Advil. My house-keys sit in a dish on a table in the foyer; when I leave the house, I put them in the zippered compartment inside my bag — I feel like almost every bag has one — and as soon as I walk through the front door I put them back on the foyer table.

      • Sounds like “duplicates” and “organization system” are two things I should work on, then! I currently keep my house keys chained inside my purse (after leaving them on their hook once or twice and locking myself out).

        I don’t hear you answering, but I “see” some inspiration, if that makes sense? I’m more visual than auditory. I’ll have a piece I’m building around, and see the safe choice in my closet, but stop myself and visualize the entire outfit. Then I think “would the directrice make the safe choice?” Surely not! Then I pick something more fun, and add an accessory too! I have a big collection of vintage pins; none of the other grand-daughters wanted any, so they all came to me in lieu of bracelets, which I do not wear. I also knit, so have a selection of quirky scarves and shawls to wrap or tuck into a jacket.

        Thanks for the inspiration!

      • This is. . .I need to put my head down and breathe deeply for a moment.

        Okay, I’m back. You have described the kind of organized, well-run life that I DREAM about.

        • The Directrice IS impressively organized. She reorganizes the dirty dishes in the dishwasher (to which I always say, “Don’t they get just as clean?”) and curates her clothing like a Library of Congress archivist. Just don’t look under her desk.

        • Violiniste , you made me laugh!
          Have handbag caddies not made it across the pond? It’s a pouch with zips and compartments and pockets into which you organise your life/handbag contents so that all you have to do is swop the whole kit and caboodle over at once into the new bag of the day.

          My problem is caused more by bag-per-activity clutter: the beach bag, the Zumba bag, the swing dance bag, the going-to-work bag and more, all littering the floor. and chairs. I do have an entryway, but it is all glass and gets so much sun that everything left there fades/rots dreadfully; and anyway, all the bags come all the way in because there are soggy clothes to unload, or shopping stuffed in them on the way home, or something else. As soon as I try and put one away, I seem to need it out again.

          • Just to clarify, your writing made me laugh – not the idea that you might not have come across a handbag caddy …

  5. Your 3 short sleeved black jackets are so different from each other… and I can’t count how many black “jackets/blazers” I own but use so often. This one featured is darling – I see many possibilities!


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