Same Pants, Different Color

For those of you who said to yourselves last week, I wish she would come back with more of them pants — your wish has come true.

I’m back with them pants . . . in a different color.
If we haven’t discussed this before, fatigue green is such a useful color. If you don’t have a pair of pants in this color, you really should get yourself a pair posthaste.
Them Pants is back

New pants, old blouse and top
What’s all this then?
The new pants silhouette with a blouse that you’ve seen before, topped with an eyelet crop top that is also no stranger to you.
The snug fit of the crop top balances the volume of the pants; the peplum of the white blouse mediates.

I wore this to work on a day that I thought would end in Albuquerque. For warmth on the plane, I brought a lightweight jacket that I could tuck into my carry-on tote.
Despite the appearance of volume, these ruffles can be stuffed into a fairly small space

In profile, the jacket almost looks like a cutaway style
You may remember that this jacket is really snug.
It was designed to fit snugly, but following a small weight gain+ it has become brutally tight and thusly must be worn unbuttoned. Still cute, though!

I’d been avoiding this jacket because it’s too tight. Such a mistake. This jacket goes with everything. I should be wearing it (unbuttoned) every day.
A surprisingly versatile find

The day did not end in Albuquerque. Arguably, the day did not end until the following day, when I checked into a hotel close to the Houston Intercontinental Airport at 1:30 a.m. . . . even though I had flown into (and would later that morning depart from) Hobby. Those of you who know Houston can probably fill in the gaps.*
Never mind my travel woes; check out this eyelet

They say travel is broadening and it’s true.
On this trip, I discovered that the underside of my jacket collar is decorated with fancy stitching. Hadn’t discovered that at home!
I discovered this while stuffing the jacket into my tote

Jacket: Tricot by Comme des Garcons; Eyelet top: Theory; White blouse: ASOS; Pants: JCrew; Shoes: JCrew; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

* My colleague and I arrived at Hobby Airport at midnight, after numerous delays leaving Washington D.C. Anticipating that we would miss our connecting flight to Albuquerque and need to spend the night in Houston, we had asked our travel agent to book us into one of the airport hotels. Upon landing, we discovered that she had booked us into an airport hotel at the other Houston airport — 30 miles away. My colleague and I quickly began phoning hotels closer to Hobby, not realizing that Houston was hosting two massive conventions and there simply were no hotel rooms to be had. We thought we’d lucked out when a Hilton Garden Inn 20 minutes from the airport had space for us. But it turned out to be a motel of unknown ownership. When we arrived at 12:45 a.m., my colleague quickly sized up the situation — three cars in the parking lot (one of which was occupied) and an attendant’s booth where one could pick up one’s keys — and told our driver, “We are not getting out of the car.” He responded, “I support that.” We drove further into the night, to the Intercontinental Airport. All together, we spent much more time driving between Houston airports than we did flying to Albuquerque.
Here are some of the reviews for Hilton-Garden-Inn-That-Was-Not that I found on-line after returning to D.C. As always with TripAdvisor, the reviews are mixed . . .
“Dope mirrors over the bed. Like really really dope.”
“Clean place, just never leave bags in the room.”
“Won’t go back.”
“It ok.”

+ The Photographer says, “Small weight gain? No! The scale LIES.” Such a good husband.

9 thoughts on “Same Pants, Different Color”

  1. Yikes ! But certainly this outfit looks like it would have held up (looked good, felt comfy) even at 1.30 am at the wrong airport hotel.

  2. Now I kind of want to see the mirrors. But I think you were wise to push on. I had a similar experience where we arrived at our “hotel” and found it was a massive truck stop complete with a chapel built in a resting semi trailer. We were broke so we took the room, but I did push a chair up under the doorknob.

    The jacket does not LOOK too small, because it is so fancy in the front and looks open on purpose.

  3. I like that color of green a lot myself. I’ve got pants, shorts and a skirt. I’m not that keen on khaki tan pants so the khaki green is my substitute.

  4. I’ve never ever had a work day that I thought would end in Albuquerque! That’s hilarious Directrice. I love your outfit.


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