Do As I Say and As I Do, Part II

I wear the clothes and outfits that you see on this blog in real life or, as they say on the Internet, IRL.
My real life.

So when I tell you to do something, I am offering heartfelt advice based on actual experience. You should never fear that I am engaging in some sort of Stanford prison experiment of human psychology.
A few weeks ago, I told you to buy this blouse.
When I told you to buy the JCrew Silk Button-up Shirt in Leopard I was not messing with you

If you were unwilling to act on faith alone, here’s your proof.
This blouse is the perfect layering piece.
It’s lightweight, supple, and leopard. Perfect for wearing under a sleeveless dress or any sweater.
Leopard looks beautiful with red; I’ve told you this before

This dress is also perfect for layering; indeed, I am not sure if I’ve worn it as a sleeveless dress
Come closer and see what I mean.
This print isn’t a true leopard — which would be darker browns and black printed on a camel color — but instead is camel and black printed on ivory.

You’ve seen this dress before, but let’s take another look at the details.
Pleated darts? Darted pleats? Exposed darts?

Perhaps a belt with this particular blouse?
Good idea! Very nice!
You always say that

I could go either way on the belt.
I say I could go either way, but with this blouse, I think a belt looks right; it adds a little definition to the ensemble

Now come much closer to see how well the blouse works with the color of the dress.
Seeing how effective this combination is, you may be surprised at what comes next.
The blouse and dress have decided to work together for the benefit of The Directrice

The blouse looks just as good with navy blue.
The miracle of leopard!
Leopard is — can I say this? — a chameleon

Non, Directrice, non. The leopard is not the chameleon of the animal kingdom! The chameleon is!
You’ve seen this dress before. It’s a medium (possibly heavy) gauge merino knit. So useful. I usually wear it with a cropped ivory cardigan and tall black boots, but having a blouse to wear under it is a pleasing alternative.

Surprising, but there it is: a combination that looks as good with blue as it looks with red. I will note that the red of my dress is a blue-red rather than an orange-red . . . but I think the blouse would also be beautiful with an orange-red. I’ll have to test this exciting hypothesis at the first opportunity.
Perhaps there are two chameleons of the animal kingdom

Red dress: Jil Sander; Blue dress: Tory Burch; Shoes: Tory Burch

8 thoughts on “Do As I Say and As I Do, Part II”

  1. As you’ve said in other posts, this is surprisingly effective. With several months of winter to look forward to (or dread), I need to remember that I can layer shirts under a dress, not just sweaters over one! Please pass on to the photographer my thanks for the high-quality shots, I was interested in a detail of the neckbank of the red dress and clicked for a full-size photo (it looks like a band sewn on, i.e. a separate pattern piece, that gives a slight three-dimensional effect. The same appears to be true of the armholes, and I think it’s a nice detail).

    • Your eagle eye is correct, Candidate — the neckline and armscyes are banded. A very nice detail, but one that made altering the dress (I had to tighten the armscyes) a little more expensive.

  2. What a versatile blouse! You’re right — I wasn’t willing to act on faith alone. I think it might be on sale now? Might be worth a try to see if I can find as many fun things to layer it with as you have.

  3. I have a leopard shirt in black, grey and white – better for my winter coloring but JUST as adaptable as yours with wine, navy and now I think I will stretch even more with forest green… maybe.


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