Such A Lady: Fall 2018

I am such a fan of the sweater vest, the layered tank, the smock. Anything I can put a white blouse under!

For Fall 2018, I am not content just to wear this top over a blouse. It needs a little bit more. It needs . . . a belt.
My skirt is old and you’ve seen it before. It’s more flattering than I remembered. It, too, is pieced and has a horizontal seam across the back that creates a very nice contour that skims the figure — which you can see in the photos below. You can see the construction of the skirt better in this post.
So femme! Such a lady!

This top looks like it’s made of rags that might otherwise be destined for a car wash. (I don’t think this is the first time that I’ve made an observation like this about something I’m wearing.) This fabric is very soft and wouldn’t scratch your paint job. I also like the way that these rags have been layered and pieced into this subtle tunic.
Is this a tunic?
Does it matter what we call it?

Even without the piecing and layering, this fabric has a lot of texture on its own.
Perhaps you can see the texture in these photos.
I’m giving you the opportunity

Far more interesting than my top is the painting behind me
Forget the top, let’s talk about the painting

Here is the Sheep Jones painting I’ve previously mentioned. (I mentioned it once, in 2017. You may have to refresh your memory.) I bought this painting in 2010 and lent it to a friend after realizing that it was too large for the spot I where I’d planned to hang it. After seeing Sheep’s studio in 2017, I realized that I needed to make a spot for it by moving some things around, re-painting the dining room, and re-upholstering the dining room chairs. I love the life, the hidden worlds, the intrigue in this painting: the roots, the tadpoles, the larvae, the bones. And the string of orange dots in the lower right corner. So much to enjoy and I am so glad that my dear friend got to enjoy it for a number of years before I took possession.
Take a moment to visit

I also thought you might want to see a few photos of Philo.
The Thief of Hearts is affectionate
Although here, he appears alarmed; I think it’s the camera

Now, I am telling the Masked Intruder a secret
I love you, she whispered

After that domestic interlude, one final look at texture.
One last look

Now a piece of pre-holiday advice. You may need this blouse.
Of course, only you can know what you truly need, but it’s leopard, it’s silk, and it’s perfect under a cardigan or sleeveless dress.
You do what seems right to you.

Skirt and vest: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Blouse: Talbots; Shoes: Tory Burch; Bag: Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag

8 thoughts on “Such A Lady: Fall 2018”

  1. This is a PERFECT outfit on you. Stylish, edgy enough to establish your career-seniority and still incredibly professional, flattering, and looks warm for a chilly office.

    And love that sweet new kitty.

  2. Philo is the perfect accessory, love the vest, and am very glad I’m not the only one to make drastic changes in a room (or my wardrobe) to suit one quirky piece of art (or clothing). That Sheep Jones painting is worth the effort! From the still smoky left coast, just want to say how moved I was by those heartening post-election comments a couple of posts ago. Glad to see that no matter how far apart we may be scattered, we’re in it together. That’s the winning ticket.

  3. Re the leopard shirt- leopard doesn’t seem to love me back. I try things on and take ’em off again. Which is intriguing because I often like the look on others.

  4. Great vest/tunic garment. It’s smart for fall – and neutral enough to layer with other colours as well. The cat is also an excellent accessory.


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