The Way We Dress Now: Disco Hiking

Continuing our conversation about the way we dress now, I am trying to wear every jacket and statement top in my closet . . . with my favorite four-season, all-occasion Prana hiking pants. A worthy undertaking!

Only the truly committed Directrice readers will remember this Vera Wang Lavender Label jacket which was first (and only) shown in 2015, though it has enjoyed many days out of the closet in the years since.
Vera Wang’s Lavender Label was really fun — feminine, architectural jackets and dresses — but sadly is no more. You can still find pieces on consignment sites. In addition to this short, fitted, black jacket, I have a beautiful chartreuse (the ultimate weirdy green) swing jacket that is challenging to wear but totally charming.
Let these action pants be the one constant in our lives

Closet-cleaning should really be a creative endeavor
I know that there is some disagreement among us regarding short-sleeved jackets, but I am a fan. Setting aside whether one wants to wear a short-sleeved jacket with bare arms (I am of two minds on that question), they are perfect for showing an interesting long-sleeved blouse.
I stumbled on this jacket-blouse combination while cleaning out my closet, when the jacket and blouse were both sitting in the “potential give-away” pile.
I know! Madness! They are perfect together. Indeed, each looks better with the other. So they are back in the closet.

Top to bottom, you are seeing: a metallic, jacquard fitted jacket, a chiffon silk blouse shot with metallic threads, action slacks, and blinged-out Bass Weejun loafers. It’s the way we work now.
Put another way: I’m just wearing some things I like all together

Are you buying this?
This seems appropriately post-pandemic to me.
It’s interesting, but comfortable; structured, but not restrictive; playful, but not unserious.

If I substituted a pair of black wool trousers and ballet flats, I’d be ready for a concert at the Kennedy Center.
Yes. I wear more worky clothes to the Kennedy Center than I do to my office because I am showing a higher level of respect for the performing arts and shared cultural experiences. Also, a concert or performance only lasts 2-3 hours.
They are totally buying it!

Come closer to see these fabrics
Next level pattern-mixing involves mixing similar patterns — here, two florals — which is harder than it sounds.

Arguably, this outfit involves mixed metals, too. The jacket has a silver cast, but the blouse is shot with gold threads.
A truly mixed bouquet

For every photo that appears in one of these posts, there are easily 5 that don’t get picked. The miracle of digital photography! The Photographer and I zip outside for 10 minute photo sessions trying to catch the best light of the day and click click click. Often I don’t even look at the photos until we are back inside, later in the day.
For whatever reason, this set had some unusually funny rejects. Let these be my special gift to start your week off right.
We don’t know why I am looking like an angry scold but . . . it’s pretty awesome
I told The Photographer that THIS is the photo I want used for missing person flyers, my memorial service program, etc.

Here I appear to be looking into the void, and it is not good.
Again: How? Why? The Photographer is always surprised (and amused) by the range of expressions and attitudes he captures.
Hopefully I am contemplating the past and not the future?

Jacket: Vera Wang Lavender Label; Blouse: See by Chloe; Pants: Prana Halle II; Shoes: Bass Weejuns

8 thoughts on “The Way We Dress Now: Disco Hiking”

  1. Your outtake pictures remind me of typical runway model stern faces.
    Harper looks like 1 and 1/2 half cats!
    Just his kitty fluffiness, I’m sure.

  2. I’m such a fan of shopping your closet rejects. And your goal is a worthy one – all the jackets and statement blouses with those pants? Looking forward to more posts like this!

  3. I’m intrigued by the athleisure/fancy/quirky mashup. I’ve been working from home since COVID began, and unless I make a concentrated effort, it’s all too easy to let the walking outfit become the working outfit become the sleeping outfit. Time to mix it up. Oh, and I love your writing, your posts, and kitty!

  4. It’s a new jacket with the darker outfit.
    There are places where a fleece vest just doesn’t go, and that short-sleeved jacket looks like a good item to wear for those outings.


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