Plaid Glad Rag

From the first, I have advised that when you find a garment that fits and suits you perfectly, you should buy it in two colors. I live, and would die, by that advice.

So when my Favorite Rag appeared on The RealReal in gingham, you know what I had to do.
Perhaps you are saying, “Oh no, Directrice. You didn’t compound the ill-judgment and poor taste of that pre-tattered shirt by –“
Yes, I did, Directorate!
No oops about it, Directorate; I did it again

The Photographer named these photos “Torn Dorothy”
A different fabric gives different life to a garment cut from the same pattern.
This gingham is crisp and much stiffer than the chambray fabrication — presenting different ways to appreciate all that is going on here.

As you may remember, this shirt is fairly normal from the front. There is a little asymmetry on display and perhaps an innocent bystander might not be able to say whether it is fitted or loose (because it is fitted and flanged with a massive ruffle), but it’s borderline normal.

Asymmetry easier to see if I hold the shirt in place
Fitted-and-flanged easier to see when I move my arms away from my sides

As I start to turn, it becomes apparent that this is not a full shirt.
In profile, the questions start coming fast and furious

Just doing my job — I mean, my avocation
All of this leads to the question: Is a backless shirt really a shirt at all?
You the jury, Directorate.

The cut and assembly of this shirt are easier to see in this fabrication.
See the gores that have been added below the bust? They are cut or sewn on the bias and give the shirt a lot of swing.
I know this might sound crazy, but I think this shirt — cheery and crisp — will be very useful this summer: lightweight while protecting my shoulders and forearms from the ravages of the sun. I might even use it as a little jacket over a sun dress. I am going to think about that.
For those who want the sewing details

Shirt: Marques Aleida from The RealReal; Pants: Prana; Little bag: Pasticcino bag by Max Mara Weekend; Tote: Seabags Vintage Insignia
Unflattering shot taken by The Photographer to make me laugh; I told him I would use it

6 thoughts on “Plaid Glad Rag”

  1. Love the pop culture references. (Inside Irish-version Britney Spears joke to you: whatchoo gon’ to do that for?) Shirt is nuts but as usual you make it work. Would quite like to see it as a jacket over a sundress. I think it would work with something more flowy (is flowier a word?) than pants. And/or could be tablecloth for picnic in a pinch!

  2. It’s pure whimsy – which is so appreciative right now! Sort of a bib, apron/smock – and I never saw the back on the chambray one, so it’s a surprise!

    Are those new mules/loafers you’re wearing for footwear? I didn’t get a real look at them.

  3. Directrice, I am a long time reader but first time commenter! And – after maybe 10 years of just contentedly enjoying your blog – you have now officially influenced me: I just purchased this crazy, beautiful garment on posh*ark. Over there it came with a lace back. I wonder if yours came that way too, or if you had Fatima remove it? In any case, thank you for remaining a total fashion inspiration and icon!


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