The Long and Short of It

Directorate, when I tell you that you should do something, how many of you actually go do it?

I would be satisfied if just one of you did. That would be a showing of influence sufficient to make me happy.*
I hope some of you took my advice and purchased Anthropologie’s universally flattering Somerset dress.
If you lived here, you’d be home now

How does this dress contrive to flatter every figure?
I saw this dress on someone else’s blog and was so struck by the graphic print that I figured I’d give it a try — even though the blogger is several inches taller and much thinner than me.
Imagine my delight in finding that it not only fit me, but that fit me perfectly and flattered my shape. If you look at the various models wearing this dress on the Anthropologie site, you will see a range of sizes and shapes and everyone looks beautiful. Well done, Anthropologie, well done.

Although I have generally worn this dress with my black Skecher and tangerine Sorel sport sandals, I did once wear it for a cocktail party with these old peep-toe, sling-back wedges.
Such a lady!
Such a lady, indeed

This dress came in at least 8 colors and prints, as well as cotton and linen fabrics.
It occurred to me, mid-way through the summer, that a black Somerset dress would meet all of my hot weather criteria: sleeves to protect shoulders from the sun, full cut (sleeves and skirt) to provide circulation of air and permit easy application of sunscreen, dark color to hide (or at least not reveal) sweat, fiber to machine wash with ease.
But I didn’t want a black maxi.
Ideal summer dress

I wanted the dress, but not a maxi
Where there’s a will, there’s a way

The skirt of this dress is tiered and some of the tiers are finished with pintucking, which is a nice detail — so when I had the tailor remove the bottom tier, I asked her to finish the hem with the same pintucking.+

I am very, very pleased with this dress
The placket on the front of this dress does not button or snap, which gives the dress a breezy (but not revealing) look. But you know that I do like to be buttoned up! So I have used my Don Quixote brooch to close and adorn the neckline.

I have also donned these slightly ferocious sunglasses.
Alternate shades, slightly scary

Come closer and visit the brooch.
Old favorite, possible subject of replevin action

Perhaps you should come a little closer?
Cobalt blue and white combined with black: Very Effective.
Agree, disagree?

Have a wonderful weekend!
* Two friends who read this blog told me that they bought Schmidt’s deodorant based on my enthusiastic recommendation.
+ This was not Fatima! I needed the dress shortened on the quick for a trip, so I just asked the tailor at the local drycleaner to do it.

12 thoughts on “The Long and Short of It”

  1. D, I got a Shinola watch on your advice. Also, a weird necklace that looks like a spiderweb. And I ordered a remaindered blouse with big poofy sleeves, but it did not suit me so I had to return it. Oh, and a book with illustrations too. You’ve been quite influential for me! Have a good weekend

  2. Had to add my voice to the chorus. Just went to Neon Zinn, per your suggestion, and wow, Seth Damm does amazing work. Bought the Tico necklace, something I never would have found on my own. Lead the way, Directrice. We, your loyal readers, are definitely paying attention.

  3. Long time reader, I draw inspiration every post. I bought a boiled wool cropped jacket from j.crew that you recommended and it has been a winter wardrobe staple for years. Keep writing!

  4. So, this is the Somerset dress, in black?
    I thought when I saw the black/white maxi that you were going out on a limb as just a few posts back you were shortening a maxi to get more wear out of it.
    I like the dress without the third tier. I see they have a Somerset Mini, and assume that your dress is longer than that.
    It’s my opinion that with such a full skirt that at some point the Mini length would leave you showing the world your blue underpants.

  5. Long-time reader, first time commenter… Influenced by this post, last Saturday I bought the Somerset dress in a blue/black/purple/orange/white print that sounds bananas, but somehow is a chic marriage of Laura Ingalls Wilder cosplay & dressing like a floral 70s sofa. Wore it to 1st day of school drop off (at my 6 year old’s request) and was complimented by a very stylish mom and the most fashion-forward of my child’s grade 1 friends. Many thanks for your wonderful blog, exceptional taste, and delightful balance of the unexpected/absurd with the practical.

  6. I really like it! A lovely cotton black dress with pockets!! For those of you who already bought one: are any of you petite? If so, did you feel that the sizes were fairly accurate?


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