In Which The Directrice Becomes a Sofa

I told you that I lost my mind. See Monday’s entry.

In mid-July, I saw a photo of one of my favorite bloggers wearing a red damask dress with a denim jacket and an oversized floral fabric brooch and thought, “me want” — which was enough to send me on an Internet scavenger hunt. Here is the photo that set me off.
Perhaps I should have stopped to ask, “Should I really wear a dress that looks like a sofa?” But I didn’t. As I am sure you can understand, sometimes the journey overtakes the destination.
Surely you knew this day would come

I crack myself up
Considering that my model’s dress is several years old and no longer in circulation, I think I did a great job finding a convincing facsimile.

I stopped after finding the dress. The brooch can wait.
I’d done enough damage

These photos are not quite close enough to show the details of the fabric. The baroque design is superimposed on a graph paper background. It’s complex and intriguing. Try clicking on this photo to see.
Perhaps some of you are thinking, “She doesn’t look like a sofa. She looks like Cruella Deville.”
No, don’t click on this one; click on the photo directly below

It’s not literally Cruella, but I hear you. It’s all the spiky angles.
Acute collar

Sharply angled, layered cuffs
I felt the dress needed a belt; perhaps it should be a little wider

Some of you have recently asked about this versatile bag. I’ve had it a long time and figured it was old news. Here are a few photos that provide a better view.
Bag obscured by cuffs

Bag revealed — nay, featured
Two clever compartments, rain resistant nylon fabric, weighs nothing

Have a fantastic weekend!
Dress: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi; Shoes and belt: JCrew; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

10 thoughts on “In Which The Directrice Becomes a Sofa”

  1. My Dear, you are truly a fabriholic and I’m proud to know you as I am one. We need no secret greeting. The look in your eyes tells me. There is no fabric that should exist outside my personal stash and I love every one I see regardless of its destiny, sofas or dresses. You “want” without regard to your very small size and you honor the fabric with great pleasure evident in your pretty face. I totally understand how this dress came to reside with you. Enjoy, enjoy. It was meant to be.

  2. My sister’s advice about a certain amazing woolen plaid pencil skirt that I really, really wanted (but mom says it will make my behind look so big!) is true here: if a fabric makes you really, really happy, it’s all worth it.

  3. You should tell us who more of your favorite bloggers are. Yours is about the only personal style blog these days I find interesting enough to follow.

    • I like Desert Mannequin (though she posts infrequently), Wendy’s Lookbook, and The Atlantic Pacific. For more mixed content, I like You Look Fab and That’s Not My Age. I feel certain that there are many other blogs out there that I would enjoy, but I am really lazy about trying to find them. I always welcome recommendations!


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