A Return to Animal Prints

I was going through my back-catalog this weekend and realizing that . . . there’s a lot of good advice buried in there. I’ll be writing a post in the next couple of weeks that will bring some of those old posts to the fore.
Among the weighty topics previously covered were animal prints.
They are as important today as they were in 2015.

Then, I told you that my favorite is leopard and advised you to use animal prints regularly, but in small doses.
I stand by that advice, but when I saw this trippy zebra-print sweater, I had to have it.*
I have literally no idea of how this print was pattern was achieved

Is this sweater, like the Guggenheim Bibao, only possible with cOmPUters?
It’s kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it?
Psychedelic even though it’s black and white.

Do you notice any difference between these photos — other than that I appear larger in one than the other?
Avec belt
Sans belt

This fitted sweater doesn’t need a belt, but I felt that the outfit wanted a belt. Definition at the waist is key to balancing the proportions of these wide-legged pants.
As always, you are the jury. You can decide whether you like it better without a belt.
Not as good, in my opinion

I would never presume to tell anyone what to think.
Although here I do appear to be trying to bend someone to my will using my mind

Patent leather belt can do no wrong
I can appreciate that some may even think that the belt is too much given all the activity in the sweater.

This sweater is a special knit of a basic cardigan JCrew has been selling for years: the Jackie Cardigan. It’s a fine cotton knit with little stretch. I particularly like how high and fitted the neckline is.
You know I dig high necklines

We’ve moved into real fall weather and so I put on a wool jacket before heading off to work. You’ve seen this one — a favorite that’s at least 10 years old — a few times before.
One must take care of one’s things

Clothes, belt, and shoes are JCrew; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
* The sweater is currently available in Zebra (cotton) and Leopard (wool). When I bought mine, the leopard was not on offer. One idea for these cardigans: I think these would look great under a blazer — black for the zebra, navy blue for the leopard.

6 thoughts on “A Return to Animal Prints”

  1. “Although here I do appear to be trying to bend someone to my will using my mind”

    Actually it looks like your very cool cardigan is trying to bend someone’s mind 🙂

    I especially love the asymmetrical placement of the slightly wider stripes over the torso. A small misjudgement and the whole thing would read ‘hello headlights !!’ But it’s so perfectly done that it merely reads ‘mind-bending’.

  2. I love the top as well, especially with the belt. I have to be honest, though, in that I do not care for it paired with those pants, as they are sooo casual. I think a pair of wide legged black pants would be great, albeit a conventional choice. How about with a red A-line skirt???

  3. I wish the belt popped a little more. You don’t have a red one?

    The thing that keeps me from putting belts on sweater/pants is that every pair of pants I own requires a belt, and a belt on top of a belt looks lumpy.


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