The Week of Dressing Casually


Thanksgiving week! If you don’t have to travel for work or file a big brief before (or immediately after) Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving week is a great week at the office.

Every day is Casual Friday because . . . there’s no one there to see.
To see things like this:
You said you wanted to see casual outfits, didn't you?
You said you wanted to see casual outfits, didn’t you?

Capable of surprising and occasionally even shocking; my friends can tell you so
At this point you may think you know all my tricks, but I still have a few things up my sleeve for 2016.
This outfit does, however, bear a few hallmarks that you’ve seen before: tone-on-tone; short sweater over longer blouse; a collared blouse; assertive shoes.
This blouse is so sweet, with slightly puffed sleeves and a very small Peter Pan collar. The fabric — black cotton gauze — keeps it from looking schoolgirl.

Friends, tell them how surprising I am!
Black blouses are very useful. I recommend fluid or soft fabrics like silk and cotton gauze.

Tiniest collar ever
Tiniest collar ever

I am wearing a cashmere shell as a sweater vest, but you could create this same silhouette with a cropped top instead. Remember: we’ve talked about this before.
I look tall in this photo, don’t I?

Although I have a pair of penny loafers that I like very much, I saw these on sale and thought it would be prudent to buy them to hedge against certain foreseeable future events, like the demise of my current penny loafers. Picture a bomb shelter filled with black flats and penny loafers.
Ta do
It’s like an insurance policy

This is my husband’s favorite picture of the day, so I am including it as his request. xo

Blouse: Vanessa Bruno; Sweater: JCrew Collection Cashmere Shell Top; Jeans: JCrew Matchstick Japanese Selvedge, which you tell me are not skinnies after all; Shoes: Coach Indie Loafer; Bag: Coach Legacy Duffle; Watch: Ritmo Mundo


5 thoughts on “The Week of Dressing Casually”

  1. I can attest to the fact that The Directrice is both very surprising and VERY tall. Love the photo with the red truck. Husband is correct.

  2. Love the casual outfit! I’m won over on wearing a blouse under a shell sweater after seeing how professionally you pull it off. Fun but not frivolous. The shoes are wonderful — such a great word, assertive — so of course you couldn’t pass them up. Totally bomb-shelter worthy. And your husband picked the winning photo.

  3. Love the look of the top. Could you show us a photo of the blouse alone, please, so we can understand the effect better? Black on black blurs into one in a photo.


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