Holiday Weekend PSA

Be not alarmed by the unexpected alert in your e-mailbox.
This isn’t an emergency, but I thought you would like to know about the following things that I found at JCrew, which is in the midst of a 30% off sale.

I love this dress! I can’t justify it, because I have a dress very similar, but you can.
You should.
You must!
I picture this dress with a pair of suede mules styled like loafers (pointy-toe, low heel).

Perhaps you are reading the caption and wondering what “Lip Print” means? Enlarge the photo. The fabric is printed with tiny lips. So unlike me, but I love it.
In all honesty, I really love the cut and style of the dress, but would prefer a plain or perhaps polka-dotted fabric. I have reconciled myself to the tiny lips because the dress is so charming.
I plan to wear this with a faux fur collar. In for a penny, in for a pound.
Tiered Silk Dress in Lip Print
Tiered Silk Dress in Lip Print

Cropped Jacket in Boiled Wool
Cropped Jacket in Boiled Wool
I have such a soft spot for boiled wool. And for cropped jackets.
Warning: The buttons on this jacket are a little cheap looking — a bit surprising because JCrew often gets these details right — but easy to replace with either a rich brown horn button or a sumptuous Italian resin button in ivory (or black).
Think of how smart this jacket would look with The Big Tent or that zany, slashed Phillip Lim shirt-dress.

I love this dress, too. But I don’t need any more dresses.
It occurrs to me that this dress would also make a great top, if you cut off three-quarters of the skirt. (Hint: Buy one or two sizes up, to ensure that the resulting peplum fits over trousers.)
Such a good idea, but I don’t need any more tops, either . . .

Do with this information what you will! I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend PSA”

  1. So. The Eye of Sauron? Is that a special little joke just for your bloglovin readers? I was so curious when that image was the teaser image, with the blurb “Be not alarmed!” But it doesn’t show up here at all. How strange.

    • It may just be an inside joke between me and The Photographer! And now between you, The Photographer, and me. The Eye of Sauron — all seeing — is good at scoping out sales.


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